Tricia Hopkins

Full name:
Idris and Vera Hopkins



Played by: Kathy Jones
1973 - 1976

The Hopkins family were always troublemakers, and their first appearance set the trend - 16-year old Tricia, dressed to kill and looking much older, ordered a Bacardi and Coke at The Rovers. When Annie Walker found out she was horrified, barring Tricia and giving her mother a lecture about allowing young daughters out dressed like that.

By 1974, she was working regularly in The Street at the Mark Brittain mail order warehouse with her old schoolfriend Gail Potter, and fantasing regularly over 'hunky' builder Ray Langton. In July 1974 Maggie Clegg married Ron Cooke and emigrated to Zaire and the Corner Shop became vacant. Tricia persuaded her family to take over the shop, and Gordon Clegg was persuaded to rent it out to the Hopkins on a weekly basis. Tricia was allowed to move into the shop flat.

In February 1975, Tricia's granny, Megan Hopkins tried to blackmail Gordon in an attempt to buy the shop at a reduced price, and the Hopkins were summarily evicted, though Tricia was allowed to stay on in the flat, and was soon joined there by Gail.

In October 1975, the term 'smoking kills' took on a whole new meaning, after a thug's lit cigarette started a warehouse fire. The blaze was not discovered, until Edna Gee opened a door and saw a massive wall of flame. Whilst Tricia, who was in the ladies' loo next door, was saved by Ken Barlow, it was the end for Edna.

After the warehouse burned down, Tricia and Gail tried their hand at a variety of jobs before working in the Corner Shop after Blanche Hunt left.

In April 1976 Elsie Howard returned and got a job at Sylvia's Separates. On the toss of a coin, Gail got to be Elsie's assistant, leaving Tricia to run the shop. However, Renee Bradshaw bought the shop and flat a couple of months later, Tricia and Gail were evicted. Workshy Tricia also lost her job - returning to her warring family in the wrong side of Weatherfield, and never to be heard of again.

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