Sue Jeffers

Full name: Susan Jeffers (née Mottershead)
Born: Weatherfield
Married: Mr Jeffers

Played by: Romy Baskerville
18 March 1991 - 14 March 1997

As a youngster her family lived next door to Fred Elliott's family at 24 Ashchurch Grove.

She was Ken Barlow's head teacher at Weatherfield Comprehensive. Her husband left her in September 1996, and she turned her attentions to Ken. In the October she contrived to get Ken to go to a conference in Southport with her - where she got drunk and slipped and knocked herself unconscious in Ken's bathroom. Although she was there innocently, unfortunately for Ken and Sue, Derek Wilton and Norris Cole were also staying in the hotel, word got back to Weatherfield, and tongues started wagging.

Over the next few months Sue started subtly exerting pressure on Ken - jealous of his re-kindled relationship with his ex-wife Deirdre and his long-distance relationship with his son Daniel. In January 1997 she hinted that there would be redundancies at the school, and became even more jealous to find Deirdre spending nights at No1 - but still spoke up for him at the school governors meeting and safeguarded his job. Deirdre was looking for new accommodation as Mike Baldwin was selling 5 Crimea Street - and was seriously considering Ken's offer of No1.

In February, Ken and Deirdre rowed as she was unsure about returning to No1, and she stormed out. Later the same day, she reconsidered and let herself into No1 to apologise - only to find Ken and Sue in bed together. Sue then presurised him to decide between the two of them - but although they spent another night together, Ken knew he felt far more for Deirdre, even though he had probably destroyed any chance of reconciliation, and their relationship petered out.

Next month, Jean Crabtree, the wife of one of the teachers made redundant, complained to her neighbour and school governor Alf Roberts that Ken kept his job because of his relationship with Sue. Alf asked Ken about the affair - and although he strictly didn't lie to Alf, Ken by no means told the whole truth. Now, Alf is not a man to be crossed, and at a hastily convened governers meeting a couple of weeks later, Ken was stunned to learn that not only had Sue Jeffers admitted full responsibility and resigned immediately, but further redundancies were needed, and Ken's contract would not be renewed for the forthcoming school year.

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