Judy Mallett

Full Name: Judy Mallett (née Smedley) [Mallet in first episodes]
Born: 14 August 1971
Married: Gary Mallett
Parents: Joyce Smedley (m);
Died: 24 September 1999

  1. William (b: 25 December 1998; f: Gary Mallett)
  2. Rebecca (b: 25 December 1998; f: Gary Mallett)

Played by: Gaynor Faye
2 October 1995 - 26 September 1999

Judy Mallet moved into the Duckworth's old house with husband Gary when Jack and Vera bought the Rovers, and she seems to be a Vera-in-waiting. Mrs Duckworth even described her as being "dog-rough". Impressed with her new house ("We've told all of our friends it's got stone-cladding and a mini-bar") Judy always seems to have a huge grin on her face, when she's not arguing with Gary of course. Brash, emotional and one of the girls, Judy is not the sort of person to pick fights with, as Jack and Vera found out when faulty wiring in their old house electrocuted Gary. Judy works at a local amusement arcade. She misses her mother who she left behind when they moved.

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