Sunita Alahan

Full name:Sunita Parekh Alahan
Soresh and Mina Parekh Parekh
Dev Alahan, 2004 - 2006
Asha and Aadi (twins) born January 13, 2006

Played by: Shobna Gulati
First appeared: 21 March 2001 Voice only in first appearance, appeared 2001 to 2006, 2011 - 2013

An employee at Dev Alahan's Swinton branch, she fled when she found she was being forced into an arranged marriage in Mumbai, India with Depak, the son of family friends. Sunita sought help from Dev, who shelted her in the shop flat until the date of her flight had passed. When her parents found out they were furious, and her domineering mother Mina made it a choice - an arranged marriage with her family's blessing, or defy her family and never see them again. Sunita chose to determine her own future.

Dev offered Sunita a job in his Coronation Street shop with accommodation thrown in, freeing Deirdre Rachid up to become a troubleshooter for all Dev's empire.

In 2003 Sunita started dating Peter Barlow's navy mate Ciaran McCarthy but he was taken to prison for being absent from the navy without permission. He returned after a few months just as Dev was finally beginning to return Sunita's affections. Ciaran moved in on her and managed to win her back. At Peter's wedding to Shelly, Ciaran asked Sunita to marry him and they set a date for Dec. 29 and planned to marry at the registry office. Ciaran really didn't want to get married but couldn't find a way to tell Sunita. At his stag do, he thumped rival Dev hoping to be put in jail but Dev didn't press charges. Tracy told Sunita anyway, and told her that Dev didn't want to get married. Ciaran said he did but at the registry office Sunita knew down deep he didn't want to and called off the wedding.

In 2004 Sunita went out with Danny Baldwin but she found out he was married to Frankie Baldwin so Sunita dumped him in July Dev found out that something was wrong with Sunita when she collapsed on the shop floor Dev took her to the doctors and he told her that she had an aneurism and a brain tumour. Later Maya Sharma, Devís girl friend began to suspect something was wrong so she took Sunitaís flat key to see what she could find in the bath room she found a pregnancy kit. Then when Dev and Sunita where in the flat Maya let her self in to the flat and saw them hugging each other and Maya thought Sunita was pregnant but Dev told Maya that Sunita had an aneurism and a brain tumour.

In August Dev told Sunita that he still loved her and when he told Maya she left him then came to Devís flat to get her things and before she left she trashed his flat. Then left. Sunita had to go to hospital to have an operation to get rid of the aneurism and the brain tumour. But Maya came back she tried to get Dev done for sexual arrestment by getting Leanne to try and bed him Leanne took Dev to court and asking Maya to help her but Leanne and Maya lost the case.

In October Dev and Sunita where going to get marred and Maya broke in to the shop flat and got hold of Sunitaís birth certificate and marred seven illegal immigrants in Sunitaís name to try and stop them from getting marred Sunita was arrested and sent to prison but Dev managed to sort out the mess and Maya was arrested but she was released on bail Maya went around burning al off Devís shops and took Sunita hostage in the Coronation Street shop flat and set fire to it with Dev and Sunita in the flat but they were both saved but Maya saw all and tried to run both of them down with her car but a truck crashed to the back of her car and Maya was sent to hospital.

In 2005, Sunita discovered that Dev had fathered children with at least three of the workers in his shops, including one who had a child herself. She was horrified that Dev had never told her this and left him just before their twins were born in 2006. She was not able to reconcile with him and left the street and they divorced. She reappeared 5 years later when Dev discovered his golfing buddy was engaged to her. Turns out she'd never told her relatives in India about the divorce so they had to pretend to be married when her interfering aunties visited. A little spark returned and Sunita decided to reconcile with Dev for the children's sake as well. They bought Number 7 from Maria Connor, selling the big house she lived in.

Though Dev was happy to have his family back together, Sunita soon found she felt taken for granted and quit working at the shop. She got a job in the Rovers working for Stella Price but found herself attracted to Stella's partner Karl who returned the "glad eye". They had a cheap affair which Karl ended. Sunita was determined to have him and engineered it so that Stella caught them canoodling after hours one night. Stella revealed it all to Dev and kicked Karl out. Dev left Sunita and moved into the shop flat. Karl had nowhere else to go and Sunita gladly took him in. But the shine was off the apple and Karl treated Sunita badly. Eventually she realized what a terrible mistake she'd made and threw him out. She tried to get back together with Dev who was reluctant but realized he did love her and forgave her. But Stella persuaded him that Sunita really didn't love him and he told Sunita he decided against the reconciliation. Meanwhile Karl was trying to get Stella back and felt he'd lost everything especially after she took up with Jason Grimshaw. To set up Jason, he set fire to the pub.

Sunita was drunk and reeling from Dev's rejection and saw Karl go into the pub, followed him and saw him set the fire. They fought and she was thrown down the cellar steps. Karl left her there. She was pulled out by the fire fighters but gravely ill. Still, it looked like she was starting to recover and Karl, panicking because he knew she could point the finger at him, killer her in her hospital bed, planting evidence so the police thought she caused the fire to get back at Stella. Dev tried to prove her innocence but could not. Eventually, Karl unraveled and confessed to all, vindicating Sunita's memory.

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