is a usenet newsgroup entirely devoted to Coronation Street.

There's gossip, trivia, previews, reviews and updates and opinions all about The Street - and sometimes nothing at all about the Street ! If it's the first time you are posting, don't be shy and let people know - you will be sure of a warm welcome

Read & Post Read and post  to the newsgroup - even if you don't have access to usenet news
Mélange A mélange (one word you'll never here Vera saying) from the ratucs newsgroup
From the Press

Coronation Street press clippings

ratucs Rogues Gallery See what all those nice people who post to ratucs look like in Frank Sample's ratucs Rogues Gallery
ratucs meetings

Ratucs meetings

We do actually get together from time to time ! Here are pictures of recent ratucs meetings

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