A mélange (one word you'll never here Vera saying) from the ratucs newsgroup


A list of characters nicknames used by ratucs readers

Nigel Worsfold's Coronation Lonely Heart's Street Band story

Glenda Young's Coronation Street Pantomime and 12 Days of Christmas

Tim Forde's Battersby Wallpaper (JPEG background for Windows 95/98, 800 x 600 pixels) - you'll have to save this with your browser to use it.

Nigel Worsfold's Seasons in the Sun - Nigel's tribute to the late, lame, daft-as-a-brush loveable cabbie and arsonist, Don Brennan

Ian Coyle has written some devastatingly funny scripts for Coronation Street - some even set to music. For some strange, short-sighted reason, Granada have so far declined to take up Ian's ideas.

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