Here is your chance to see
some of the "wonderful" people who frequently visit the r.a.t.u.c.s. newsgroup.

If you too enjoy the r.a.t.u.c.s. newsgroup and would like to appear in the gallery, please contact Frank Sample and I will make you "famous/infamous". Don't forget to let me know your favourite character(s) and scene(s) in Coronation Street.

If your pic appears here and you want some new information added to the page, mail me and I'll be more than happy to add whatever you wish on the page. [within reason . . . of course :-) ]

Kevin Albertson

Graham Allsopp

Paul Baker

Brian Berkeley-White

Liz Blades

Katherine Burgess

Paul Calter


Alex Cunningham

Teresa Davies

Peter Dewhirst

Terry Elliott

Dianne Fishman

Phillipa Freegard

Janice Gaffney

Isabel Gibbins

Ian Harding

Pita Enriquez Harris

Mike Henry

Jo Horridge

Helen Johns

Diane Johnston


Alan Milewczyk

Rosalind C. Mitchell

Pat Mulvena

Ron O'Brien

Mike Plowman

Tracy Roketta

Suzi Snook

A Neil Stockley

Tony Vernon

Mary Jo (MJ) Welch

Jane Woolfenden

Glenda Young

And more of your friends coming soon!

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