Carl Armstrong

Married: Tricia
Jamie (m: Tricia Armstrong)

Played by:

  1. Adam Fogarty or Jim Millea (1994)
  2. Jim Millea (27 September 1996)

1994; 27 September 1996

Carl doesn't appear to be the world's brightest bloke. He seems to be using his fists as brains.

He first lashed out at Jack Duckworth when he was babysitting Jamie, thinking he was Tricia's latest man (she was actually out with Curly Watts at the time), and the next time we saw him, he was just finishing a two-year stretch in Strangeways, for some unspecified henious crime. On learning that Tricia was expecting a baby (by Terry Duckworth !), he responded in the only way he knows - by lashing out, and giving Tricia a fat lip.

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