Full name: Patricia Mary Armstrong
Carl Armstrong (currently separated)

  1. Jamie (f: Carl Armstrong)
  2. Brad (b:14 February 1997; f: Terry Duckworth)

Played by: Tracy Brabin
1994 - 2 May 1997

Poor Tricia - the world is her enemy. Left alone to bring up her wayward Jamie, she was first introduced to The Street in 1994 when her son was suspected of shop-lifting at Bettabuys. Tricia befriended hapless Curly Watts in order to get Jamie off the hook, and because she thought an assistant manager might make a good boyfriend. However, the relationship did not last, and when Tricia's aggressive husband arrived home, he beat up Jack Duckworth who had been baby-sitting Jamie while Tricia and Curly were out on a date.

In January 1995 Tricia moved into the Street, occupying Nș1 Coronation Street (then owned by Mike Baldwin), and befriending Vera Duckworth, although they have had their fair share of arguments. Tricia picks fights with everybody, especially "do-gooders" who try to help her. She was eventually evicted from Nș1 by Mike in July, but not before she emptied a chamber pot over him, and she still managed to end up in one of the Crimea Street flats he owned, supervised by Deirdre Rachid who has befriended her and in particular, Jamie.

However, money is always short for Tricia, and she has trouble keeping a job down. She tried to get money from Mike by offering to have sex with him but he wasn't interested. In January 1996, she was sent to prison a week for not paying a TV licence fine. On release she was overjoyed to see Jamie, and confided to Deirdre that she wanted to have a nice bubble bath so that she could "feel like a woman again."

Things looked bleak again for Trish in the following May, as the DSS stopped all her benefit when she was caught working as a cleaner for Mike Baldwin, but fortunately her landlord came to the rescue again (is Mike Baldwin getting soft ?), and took her on as machinist in his new factory.

In June 1996, Terry Duckworth stormed back into The Street, and Tricia immediately began throwing herself at him, and on 21 June, with Jamie staying over at Deirdre's, Tricia got drunk in The Rovers and had to be escorted home by Terry. Tricia had lost her keys - which was no obstacle for Terry, who broke in with a credit card. This resulted in a protracted snogging session, and eventually to Tricia becoming pregnant.

With this, Tricia got her feet under the Duckworth's table and moved into the Rovers. Baby Brad arrived very unexpectedly on 14 February 1997 in the back of the Rovers, delivered by Betty and Jamie. Jack was mildly tolerant of them all - though always suspected that Tricia may have been taking them all for a ride.

Soon after Brad was born, Tricia met up with decorator Ray Thorpe, though it isn't clear whether she had met him before. Ray and Tricia soon became close, but all this was destroyed when Terry Duckworth suddenly reappeared in April. It only took a week for Tricia to realise Terry would never be a father to her children, and after some bridge re-building by Jack Duckworth, Tricia finally left the Rovers and The Street for a new life with Ray.


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