Chesney Brown

Full name:Chesney Brown
Cilla Brown

Fiz Brown half sister (same mother), older half brother (same mother)


Played by: Samuel Aston
First appeared:

Chesney is Fiz's younger brother. He got into trouble in the Kabin and Rita marched him out but when she reached out to give him a light smack, he fell against a fixture. His mother, Cilla, took great advantage of this, bullied Chesney into exaggerating the injury, and took Rita to court. Rita had to pay a settlement but Fiz managed to get the truth out of Chesney. Fiz cares for her brother and knows her mother usually can't be bothered with the lad unless it suits her purposes. Chesney and Cilla moved in with Les Battersby, who treats the boy better than his mother does. Chesney discovered that she was cheating on Les and spilled the beans. Cilla left Weatherfield and abandoned Chesney. Les couldn't leave the lad to his own devices and took him back in.

Chesney was given a purebred Great Dane, Schmeickel, by Maya Sharma and the dog has quickly become his best friend but he's also made friends with Sophie Webster.

Schmeichel quickly become Chesney's one Achilles Heel, as well as his best friend - the pooch made Chesney play truant, and eventually, the Browns and Battersbys had to restrain Chesney from Schmeichel for a while.

When Schmeichel was allowed back into his home, he seemed a lot happier than he had been in a while. But when his mum left him for a while, that left him with another problem, until she suddenly re-emerged at his school entrance with the line, "Alright, Chesney? Aren't you gonna give yer mam a hug?"

Cilla took Chesney away for a while - then back again. When Cilla made the mistake of selling Schmeichel for 100 (or was it 200?) Chesney went missing, but he returned home and it became apparent he'd been searching for Schmeichel. Cilla, desperately wanting to cover up the truth, got Schmeichel back again - reluctantly.

Chesney has remained faithful to his dog ever since, and to everything else. He annoyed Sophie Webster on easter 2005, when he conned Rita, and a number of residents in Coronation Street, into giving him easter eggs.

Chesney's life took another blow on 30th May 2005. When he went looking for his dog, he found him in Diggory Compton's grocery store. But after a few minutes, Schmeichel slipped from his grip, and ran across the road - right into the path of an oncoming bus.

Chesney was torn apart with grief, but he was relieved, and thrilled, when his dog survived after being knocked over. The only setback was the 850 bill that came to be paid for the treatment. Cilla, being Cilla, conned the driver, Claire Peacock, into handing over the sum of money. Chesney's life has been relatively smooth ever since.

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