Cilla Brown

Full name: Cilla Brown



October 31, 2005, Les Battersby
Fiona (Fiz) 1985, Chesney 1993, Billy (oldest son)

Played by: Wendi Peters
First appeared:

Cilla is Fiz's mother, a lazy good for nothing woman whose children have been in and out of care. She's had many boyfriends and was working at the Turk's Head when we first met her. Les met her while he was on parole. She soon saw a good thing and moved her and her young son, Chesney, into Number 5. It wasn't long before she was involved in trouble in the street, forcing her son to exaggerate injuries in order to fleece as much money out of Rita Sullivan as possible. She's used Fiz's name to get a credit card and run up a bill and has allegedly slept with an ex boyfriend to get the money to pay back Fiz. Les is slowly realizing that she's very bad news and when Chesney discovered his mother was cheating on Les, he eventually worked up the courage to spill the beans. Les was not talked around this time and threw Cilla out. He took in Chesney after Cilla abandoned him.

Cilla returned and seeing that Les was starting to get close to Janice again, worked Les until Janice gave up on him and was soon back in Les's good books and her feet under his table.

Cilla and Les decided to get married, purely for the presents. Oddly enough, people came to the wedding and brought gifts! Les's favourite band, Status Quo, played the wedding after having a run in with Les and agreed to the performance to avoid a lawsuit. Cilla's oldest son, Billy, returned for the wedding which was performed by a dodgey vicar.

Christmas Day went off with a bang for the Battersy-Browns in 2005, when Cilla's careless cooking sparked an inferno which razed the interior of the local chipper to the ground, and the Christmas lights exploding.

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