Angela Harris (Nelson)

Full name: Angela Harris (Nelson)
Born: Sheffield


  1. Tommy Harris


  1. Katy b: 1986
  2. Craig b: 1990

Played by: Kathryn Hunt
First appeared:

Angela and her husband Tommy, and children Katy and Craig first appeared on the street, having rented Number 6 and using the last name of Nelson. They came originally from Sheffield where Angela worked in a pub. She witnessed a murder and gave evidence against the accused. But the family of the accused took their revenge with threats and eventually tried to burn their house. The Harris's were taking under the Witness Protection program, given a new identity as the Harris family and moved to Weatherfield.

Angela got a job in Underworld but it didn't go well. Her husband Tommy was under suspicion of stealing a wallet in the garage where he found work and the women in the factory turned against Angela as well. Only Hayley made friends with Angela and eventually found out and kept the family's secret.

In April of 2003 however, Katy slipped away to see her mates in Sheffield and was followed by the brothers of the man who was jailed on Angela's evidence. There was a showdown and Tommy was shot in the process. The culprits were found and the family's secret was out. Angela was determined that she wouldn't put her family through any more hiding and secrecy. The Harris's took their own name back and the residents came round to being more neighbourly again.

Near the end of 2003, Tommy and Angela split up. Katy took up with Martin Platt and though disapproving, Angela could not bear to be estranged from her daughter. She and Tommy fell out over the situation and split up for awhile. They've made up but it's an uneasy peace.

In 2005, Angela discovered that Katy was pregnant. Not thrilled, she nonetheless supported her daughter. Tommy thought Martin was having an affair with Sally (who was actually having an affair with Ian Davenport) and because circumstantial evidence seemed to support it, Angela believed it and took Katy in when she came running home. She also supported Katy's decision, nay, encouraged it, to have an abortion but was mortified to find out Martin really was faithful and Katy had had the abortion for nothing. Shortly after, Katy and Tommy rowed furiously in the garage and Katy struck and killed her father. Angela was horrified and she decided to try to cover it up and make it look like a robbery. Later she herself confessed to the murder and went to prison. Even though Katy herself confessed before committing suicide, Angela was still guilty of perverting the course of justice and has remained in prison. Her father has come to Weatherfield to stay with Craig in the house.

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