Craig Harris (Nelson)

Full name: Craig Harris (Nelson)
Parents: Tommy and Angela
Born: 1990, Sheffield


Played by: Richard Fleeshman
First appeared:
Last appearance: 16 Oct. 2006

Craig is the youngest child of the Harris's who arrived on the Street under the name of Nelson. They were in the Witness Protection program because his mother, Angela, turned evidence in a crime she witnessed. Craig made a slip one day writing his old name, Craig Harris, in his school book and another time found himself in the background of a newspaper photo taken of the Duckworths. Now that his parents

Now that Tommy and Angela have split over Katy's affair with Martin, have split up over Katy's affair with Martin Platt, Craig has taken out his anger and rigged Martin's car. He regretted it but it was too late and Martin has been in a crash because the brakes were tampered with.

Craig was happy when his parents reconciled over Christmas. He continued dating Rosie Webster and they turned to the Goth culture, dying their hair and wearing black. Craig's world came crashing down in March of 2005 when his sister Katy killed their father and his mother Angela was sent to jail, ultimately for perverting the course of justice. Katy overdosed on sugar to send herself into a diabetic coma. She died in hospital with Craig at her side. Craig now lives with his maternal grandfather, Keith Appleyard who came to Weatherfield to stay. Craig and Rosie broke up for good after she made an unthoughtful remark about his parents.

Or did they? In December 2005, Craig and Rosie made up and had sex with one another. Keith seemed to have put a stop to it after he caught them in bed together but, on New Year's Eve they were caught in the act again, this time by Sally. Craig has, since then, insisted that what he and Rosie have done is nothing to be ashamed of.

Sally and Kevin resisted at first but eventually accepted Craig as Rosie's boyfriend. Keith and Craig moved away but Craig returned on his own, first squatting in the old bakery shop and then staying with Roy and Hayley. He joined the Websters on a family trip to Paris, with plans that he and Rose making to run away to Berlin. When the time came though, Rosie couldn't leave her family. There was nothing in Weatherfield for Craig so he got on the train anyway and on to a new life.

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