Katy Harris

Full name: Katy Harris (Nelson)
Parents: Tommy and Angela
Born: 1986, Sheffield


Played by: Lucy Jo Hudson
First appeared:
2002 - 2005

Katy is the oldest of the Harris clan who arrived on the Street under the name of Nelson. They were in the Witness Protection program because his mother, Angela, turned evidence in a crime she witnessed. Katy had a particulary difficult time adjusting to the move, missing her mates in Sheffield a lot.

Katy has diabetes which was discovered in early 2003. Martin Platt was a great help and a good friend to her while she got used to giving herself daily jabs. Tyrone Dobbs fancied her but though the feeling wasn't returned, she and Tyrone took advantage of T. having the keys to Mike Baldwin's flat where she took advantage and called her mates in Sheffield and eventually arranged a quick trip to visit them. She was followed back to Weatherfield by the brothers of the man Angela was responsible for putting in jail. They held her hostage while waiting for her parents to return and prevented her from taking her insulin. When the police caught up with them, Katy fought them off and her father burst in and got in the way of a bullet. Katy was ok as was her father. Again Martin was there to be a friend and she developed a crush on him which was not returned at the time. Eventually though, Martin began to return the affection. They kept it secret for awhile and talked Tyrone into pretending to be her boyfriend. When the secret finally came out, Tommy blew his stack and Katy left the house and moved in with Martin, which further fueled the family feud.

Katy isn't adjusting too well, throwing a party with her mates and acting jealous of Martin's family but when Martin was in a bad car crash in December 2003 caused by her brother Craig tampering with the brakes, she and the rest of the Platts made an uneasy peace for Martin's sake. Katy thought her father was the one that caused the accident and turned him into the police. Craig confessed to Martin and Martin told the police he forgot to have his brakes fixed so it was his fault.

A few months later, Sarah lost her baby boy, Billy. Katy had previously discovered that her gay mate Karl was having an affair with Sarah's boyfriend, Todd but she kept the secret. When the baby died and the affair became known and Martin found out that Katy knew about it, he broke up with her but she eventually won him back, much to her father's disgust. Soon, Katy decided she wanted to be married but Martin didn't want to. She badgered him and begged him and eventually decided she would get pregnant. Martin would marry her then, wouldn't he?

Well Martin was not best pleased at all though he started to come round. He made plans to ask Katy to marry him. Her father however, discovered that Sally was having an affair and wrongly concluded it was with her old lover, Martin. Katy wouldn't believe him but when her mother overheard Gail and Sally talking, and thought the affair must be true, Katy believed. She aborted the baby. When Gail found out, she told Angela that Sally was having an affair but it wasn't with Martin. This devastated Angela who told Katy. Katy was shocked and in hysterics, went to Martin to apologize but he had had enough of her immaturity and was too hurt by the abortion and he refused to take her back.

In a rage, she confronted her father who delighted in goading her about Martin. In a lost moment, she lashed out with a wrench and struck her father, killing him. Her mother helped her cover it over, letting Martin take the blame at first. Katy spiralled into depression.

But when her mother went to jail, that was the last straw for Katy. When grandfather, Keith Appleyard, suggested they go back to Sheffield, Katy agreed, along with Craig. But Katy returned, just shortly after Ray Langton's death. In the dark of night on 11th April 2005, she fed herself spoonfuls of sugar, which seriously affected her because she was diabetic.

When Martin and Scooter, Sarah Louise Platt's new boyfriend, burst in and found Katy unconcious on the sofa hours later, they got help from the hospital. Katy lay there without waking up. Angela visited her, but on 20th April, she died in hospital - with her brother, Craig at her side.

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