David Platt

Full name: David Daniel Platt
Martin Platt and Gail Tilsley
25 December 1990

  1. Nick Tilsley (half-brother - same mother)
  2. Sarah Louise Tilsley (half-sister - same mother)
Married: Kylie Turner 8 April 2011 Children:

Played by:

  1. Thomas Ormson (28 December 1990 - 15 March 2000)
  2. Jack P Shepherd (26 April 2000 - )

First appeared: 28 December 1990

Son of nice-guy Martin Platt, David is usually supportive of something he likes. Born on a special occasion (just like his half-brother Nicky, weird!), nothing much really happened in his life until 2000 - when he suddenly morphed (just like his sister and brother!) considerably.

In 2003, the first major blow administered to his life was when he found his stepdad Richard Hillman was a murderer. He fought for his life when Richard drove his people carrier into the local canal, but only Richard perished.

David was rumbled slightly when his friend Craig's dad, Tommy, was found dead inside the garage after being attacked. When his dad, Martin, was arrested for Tommy's murder, he was very supportive of the fact that Martin's was not a killer, and gave his dad his support. The unknown killer was actually Craig's sister, Katy, Martin's ex. Also, recently, David hasn't been very impressed by Sarah's new boyfriend, Scooter.


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