Tony Horrocks

Full name: Anthony James Horrocks
Nick and Natalie Horrocks

Between 4 & 6 February 1999

Played by: Lee Warburton (1995 - 28 February 1997; 21 October - 11 December 1998)

Tony started working as Kevin's assistant at MVB Motors in December 1995, and was soon going out with Fiona Middleton

July 1996 was really busy month for Tony. Don Brennan was having real money troubles after buying the garage from Mike Baldwin in April 1996. Tony's father, who owns a series of carpet stores offered the money to buy Tony into a partnership with Don - but when he saw the books he rapidly withdrew his offer. At the same time, Fiona was seeing old flame Steve McDonald in jail, which caused Tony to blow his top. Soon as he finished with Fiona, he went out with her assistant Maxine Heavey - but like all Maxine's relationships this didn't last long (strangely, he complained that Maxine was always horizontal and drunk - it takes all sorts !). After loosing funding for the garage, Tony rowed with Don and handed in his notice.

Tony started working at FastFit - the local exhaust fitters, and predicatably, within a couple of weeks the garage went bust, and Kevin joined Tony there. But by the end of August, Josie, Don's partner in the garage had decided to cut her losses and agreed to sell the lads the bankrupt garage at a knockdown price of 25,000 and Tony and Kevin became partners.

In December, Tony waved goodbye to Maxine, and took up with Jill, a friend of Fiona's whom he met at Fiona's 21st birthday party.

Things got a little lax as 1997 dawned - Tony decided it was time for a holiday and just upped sticks. Kevin was furious. On his return he was no better - turning up late - or not at all, as he decided to look for a new car. In February he turned up in his (not so) new Peugot 205 GTI, but on the same night he was driving down Ashdale Road when Joyce Smedley was walking Scamper - who slipped his lead, and Joyce gave chase - right into Tony's path, and she was killed outright.

Tony was devastated. He tried to apologise to the Mallets, and decided that he would never drive again - getting his father to take the new car to the wreckers yard. The last time we saw him was in a Prozac-induced haze, bidding Kevin farewell and entrusting his share of the garage to his mother, Natalie Horrocks.

Tony has since moved to Leeds and has a new girlfriend called Annabelle.

In 2000, people became concerned about Tony's whereabouts. The police questioned Natalie, and a few of the other residents. Then, highly decomposed remains for found in a cellar. People at first suspected it was the 100 year old carcass of the vicious Bernard Cartwright (Fred Elliot's grandfather!), but in the end it turned out to be Tony's. The post mortem revealed that he'd met the same end as his stepdad, Des Barnes, after being beaten.

Steve McDonald testified against drug dealer Jez Quigley, who was eventually charged with Tony's murder.

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