Ashley Peacock

Full name: Ashley Sibelius Peacock
Parents: Fred Elliott and Kathleen Gutteridge. Brought up by Sam & Beryl Peacock
Born: 24 January 1977
Died: 8 December 2010 Married: Maxine Heavey, 24 September 1999 - 13 January 2003 (deceased)
Claire Casey, 25 December 2004 - Ashley's death Children:
Joshua; b: 8 April 2002, Weatherfield General Hospital. M: Maxine Peacock (Joshua is actually the biological son of Dr. Matt Ramsden)

Thomas; b: August 2006 M: Claire Casey Peacock

Played by: Steven Arnold
First appeared: 2 February 1996

We were introduced to Ashley when he was doing bicycle deliveries for his 'uncle', Fred Elliott, and dating Kelly Thomson, the nanny Ken Barlow hired to look after his youngest son Daniel. In October 1996 he moved out of his mother's, because the couldn't stand her boyfriend, and became Don Brennan's lodger. After his relationship with Kelly ended, Ashley was off and on with Maxine Heavey. Initially he wasn't flash enough for her tastes, so she tried to keep the relationship a secret, but eventually she came to her senses and moved in with Ashley who was renting No4 - his Uncle Fred's house.

When teenaged runaway Zoe Tattersall came to Coronation Street, Ashley took pity on her and allowed her to stay in the spare bedroom. Maxine was decidedly uncomfortable with the arrangement and left. Eventually Ashley did fall in love with Zoe and set out to be provider and family man for her and her baby Shannon, but Zoe milked Ashley for all he was worth and then ran off to join a cult after Shannon died of meningitis.

1999 was a banner year for Ashley. He and Maxine got back together, and finally married. Ashley also found out that his 'Uncle' Fred was actually his father. Fred and a woman called Kathleen accidentally conceived a child that Kathleen didn't want. Naturally, Fred offered to marry her and raise a family, but Kathleen wasn't ready for that. Fred couldn't bear to give up the baby, so when Ashley was born, Fred's sister and her husband took him and raised Ashley as their own, and Fred posed as the uncle, and got to watch Ashley grow into the loyal and caring man that he is now.

When they decided they were going to have a baby the tried at it full on. After many months of no joy, it was discovered that Ashley's reproductive system needed a little help and Ashley went into hospital for minor surgery. While he was in the hospital overnight, Maxine got very very drunk and had a one night stand with local doctor and neighbour Matt Ramsden and became pregnant.

When Joshua was born Maxine let Ashley believe that he was the father and Ashley was listed as the father on the birth certificate (although a blood test after Maxine’s death proved that Matt was indeed Joshua’s biological father)

In 2003 however Maxine forgot something and returned to her house (From a Party at the Rover’s) and was killed by Richard Hillman leaving Ashley Devastated. Ashley later hired a nanny called Claire Casey. Over the year they became very close and started dating. Ashley proposed to her in the rovers in September 2004.

Their wedding Day (25th December 2004)was started off by a number of disasters (a couple before the big day). Some of the disasters were three best men (Tyrone and Martin) Joshua not wearing his suit, (he turned up as Spiderman) no organist (unusual versions of the wedding march (were all going on a summer holiday)) Car broke Down etc…. But the happy couple still managed to get married and sailed to France for their honeymoon on Boxing Day!!! A year later, Christmas 2005, Claire gave Ashley a very special Christmas present... she is pregnant! Ashley was thrilled. The baby, a boy named Thomas, was born in August. Claire suffered servere post partum depression and had to be hospitalized for a few weeks but recovered fully. Ashley was soon devastated by the death of his father, Fred, in October, 2006.

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