Whatis a Ping or Pingfest ?
A Ping or Pingfest is a getting together of Coronation Streetnet-fans.

Graham Rumsby explains:
Pingfest eminated from a bunch of us that used to hang around on #Rovers, the original IRC channel on Undernet. There was Barry Selk, Nancy Charbonneau, Max Anderson, Chris Grant, Sean Rogers and other folk I can't remember off of the top of my head. We used to buy one another "Cyber" pints and Barry Selk in is his iniminatable typing fashion occassionally would type "ping" as opposed to pint. As "ping" is a term used on IRC to determine the amount of "lag" that a message may take to go from one person to another it was maintained as our term to describe a "Cyber pint".

In early 1995 the first get together was held where folks that had met on the net and were interested in Coronation Street met "in real life". It was held at the Duke of York in Toronto. Claire Wollen, Tracy Roketta, Jane Little and a few others I don't recall went. I went to the second get together at the same location and when discussing it on IRC I just referred to it as a "Pingfest". It stuck and seems to have taken on a life of its own. Who knows one day it may end up in a dictionary as a "real" word :) There have been innumerable ones since not only in Canada but in the UK and New Zealand.

Sowhat's a Contress ?
There is also such a thing as a Contress - also a getting togetherof Coronation Street net-fans. Again a typing error - this timeof Congress. Regular readers of Mike Plowman's CS Visual Updateswill not be surprised to find that it was he who mistyped it asContress!

What'sthe difference between a Contress and a Pingfest ?
Very little, both will usually involve copious consumption ofalcohol but a Contress can only take place on hallowed ground,namely that of The Granada Studios Tour in Manchester or the late(but not much lamented) World Of Coronation Street in Blackpool.








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