August 1902 - July 1919
James Corbishley

July 1919 - October 1937
George Diggins

October 1937 - June 1970
John Walker

July 1970 - May 1984
Anne Walker

May 1984 - December 1984
William Walker

January 1985 - May 1987
Elizabeth Theresa Lynch

May 1987 - September 1992
Alexander Gilroy

September 1992 - October 1995
Elizabeth Theresa Gilroy

October 1995 - December 1998
Veronica Duckworth

December 1998 - January 2001
Natalie Felicity Barnes

January 2001 - January 2002
Douglas William Ferguson

January 2002 - May 2002
Evelyn Margaret Elliott

May 2002 - 2006
Frederick Handel Elliott

2006 - 2011
Elizabeth Jane McDonald

Steve bought the pub but because he has a criminal record, he put his mother's name over the door.

June 2011 -
Stella Price

Liz left the pub in early 2011 after ex Jim bed a bank in order to try to raise the money to buy the pub when Steve's finances took a dive. Steve still owns the pub but it is now managed by Stella Price, the new Licensee. Stella turned out to be Leanne Barlow's biological mother who had left her with her father Les when she was a baby. The road back to a mother and daughter relationship has been rocky, with Stella's other daughter, Eva, causing trouble out of jealousy as well.

Landlords and landladies:

August 1902 - July 1919
Jim & Nellie Corbishley
Salford grocer Jim became the first landlord of the Rovers Return, retiring from the grocery trade and selling his shop for £40 to finance the deal. In 1919 Jim and his wife Nellie retired to run a boarding house in Little Hayfield.

July 1919 - October 1937
George & Mary Diggins
George Diggins was a retired police sergeant who took over the Rovers in July 1919. They moved away to Southport in 1937.

October 1937 - June 1970
Jack & Annie Walker
The Walkers had no experience of the pub trade before the Rovers as newly-weds in 1937, and merely saw it as a stepping stone to greater things - Annie always aspired to a country pub in Cheshire. Diligent and popular with all the locals, they ensured the Rovers became a friendly and popular local, and ended up serving behind the bar for 33 years - the longest-ever serving Rovers publicans.


Annie Walker
July 1970 - May 1984
After the sudden death of her husband Annie bravely soldiered on alone, though by the mid-1970s it was clear she needed help and a full-time live-in potman was employed in the shape of Fred Gee. By 1984, Annie found that things were just too much for her and in February 1984 she retired to her daughter Joan's in Derby. She wanted the pub to stay in the family and persuaded her son Billy to oversee the Rovers, and in May 1984 he took over the tenancy.


Billy Walker
May 1984 - December 1984
Billy had various businesses in Jersey and unlike his parents, his heart was never in the Rovers. He left a string of creditors behind him, and after being caught by the police holding a late night drinking session he was repremanded by the brewery. Billy had had enough, sold the tenancy of the Rovers back to Newton & Ridley, and beat a rapid retreat to Jersey to start afresh in a new hotel venture.


January 1985 - September 1987
Bet Lynch

Following Billy's hasty departure Newton & Ridley quickly appointed a manager for the Rovers, and the locals persuaded barmaid Bet Lynch to apply. To her suprise she was appointed. Bet relished her rise in social status and her first permanent home. In March 1987, partly based on poor performances, the brewery decided to sell its tenancies, and Bet had to raise £15,000 quickly to ensure she kept her home. After the bank refused a loan, in desperation she turned to Alec Gilroy who loaned her the money. However, profits were no better, and fearing the humiliation of loosing the pub, in the June, Bet disappeared. To protect his investment, Alec approached the brewery and they allowed him to manage the pub and take over the licence. Alec eventually found Bet two months later in a café in Torremolinos. Alec unexpectedly proposed to Bet to persuade her back, and in September 1987 they were married.


September 1987 - September 1992
Alec & Bet Gilroy
As a wedding present, Alec gave Bet the Rovers tenancy back. The Gilroys amrriage was one of convenience and they always had a stormy relationship. Things came to a head in Septemeber 1992 when Alec was offered a job as Entertainments Manager with Sunliners Cruises in Southampton. He couldn't refuse - but Bet couldn't leave the Rovers which had become her home, and the couple split up.


September 1992 - October 1995
Bet Gilroy

Bet stayed on, and her name went back up over the entrance, managing the pub until she was hit by a bombshell in October 1995. Newton & Ridley was selling six of its pubs - including the Rovers Return. There was no way she was able to raise the £68,000 asking price - not even when the brewery offered her a £2,000 reduction. She turned to her old friend, newsagent Rita Sullivan for help, but realising Bet was obviously not a skilled businesswoman she declined. She was devasted at loosing her home and disappeared, never to have been heard from since.


October 1995 - June 1997
Vera & Jack Duckworth
There was now a race to purchase the Rovers between the McDonalds and the Duckworths, but with the sale of No9 assured the Duckworths became the first owners of the Rovers Return in its new life as a Free House. As Jack had been found guilty of drunk-driving, Vera applied for and was granted the licence. After some chaotic scenes on the first days, they got their house in order, but they had no retail or business experience, and by June 1997 they found themselves in trouble, receiving a bill for £17,650 unpaid VAT. Again, the owners of the Rovers turned to Rita Sullivan for help after the bank refused a loan, but Rita again declined, and eventually it was former Rovers licencee Alec Gilroy who stepped into the breech, finally agreeing to buy 50% of the business for £25,000, although Vera wasn't party to the deal until it had been signed.


June 1997 - December 1998
Vera & Jack Duckworth and Alec Gilroy

Predictably there was trouble between the new business partners, especially between Jack and his one-time boss Alec. By September 1988, things had become intolerable for Alec and he asked to dissolve the partnership. Canny Alec knew full well the Duckworths couldn't afford to buy him out, and so reluctantly they accepted his offer of £30,000 for their portion of the partnership. Alec allowed them to carry on living in the Rovers and still work behind the bar, but he quickly ensured they knew who was boss, and looked for a way to evict them. However, Alec had become disillusioned with life in Weatherfield, and after a huge row with his best friend and recent fiancee Rita Sullivan, he decided it was time to move on and joined his granddaughter Vicky McDonald running a wine bar in Brighton.


December 1998 - December 2000
Natalie Barnes

The sale of the Rovers was hastily arranged with the recently widowed Natalie Barnes over the Christmas holidays, and just before New Year anothr Rovers barmaid became landlady of the Rovers. Natalie quickly made her mark on the Rovers, evicting the Duckworths and giving the living quarters a well-needed redecoration. After some 'negotiation', the Duckworths were retained as Rovers staff - Jack as cellerman and Vera as cleaner !


December 2000 - March 2001
Mike Baldwin, Fred Elliott & Duggie Ferguson

Natalie Barnes arrived at the Rovers in haste, and left in the same fashion. Finding herself pregnant and unknowingly abandoned by Vinnie Sorrell, Natalie decided to move from Weatherfield - and as quickly as possible. Following advice from a consultant she decided to sell out to the Boozy Newt chain of pubs. The Street had just fought to defend the cobbles, and outraged at this latest threat to their heritage, locals Mike Baldwin, Fred Elliott & Duggie Ferguson stepped in and bought the Rovers for £75,000.


March 2001 - December 2001
Duggie Ferguson

Rapidly tiring of having to run the Rovers single-handedly, Duggie, the only one of the three partners with any pub experience (he was brought up in a pub), decided enough was enough and looked to sell his share of the Rovers. Fearing that pub property prices were dropping, the other two partners also decided to sell, and Duggie set up a deal with Hamilton Griffiths Holdings. They cut their losses and sold for £18,000 each (apparently loosing £2,000 each on the deal...). It was only then that Duggie revealed he was the main investor in Hamilton Griffiths, and he was now sole owner of the Rovers. He moved in the same month.


December 2001 - May 2002
Eve Elliott

In December 2001 the Weatherfield Rugby League Club social club came up for sale and Duggie saw a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. To raise the cash he decided to auction the Rovers - attracting intense interest and rivalry from barmaids Geena Gregory and Shelley Unwin and their boyfriends. The rivalry continued through the bidding, only to be topped by a casual late bid of £76,000 from Fred Elliott as the Elliott's had decided to move and it was"what Eve wanted". Eve took over for New Year's Eve and the next week the Elliotts moved in and Eve became licencee - though through a mix-up betty Williams' name went up briefly over the door! Duggie was gazumped for the Rugby Club at the last minute by fellow ex-professional Marty Flynn. Eve's licence came through in early January and husband Fred secretly arranged for her name to be written over the Rovers - and by some mistake Betty Williams got her name over the door instead, albeit for only a few hours.


May 2002 - Oct. 2006
Fred Elliott

When Eve's 'former' husband Ray Sykes appeared surreptitiously (with news of their daughter Linda) Fred noticed Eve's strange behavior and suspected she was having an affair. He challenged Ray, who told him about Linda, but also admitted they have never divorced. Eve blustered her way through and tried to evict Fred from the Rovers - reasoning that Fred had given the Rovers to her and it was her name over the door. Fred was prepared to admit defeat until Mike Baldwin took legal advice and pointed out that she wasn't Eve Elliott, but still SYKES and consequently all the paperwork was invalid. Eve left with nothing and Fred took over as Landlord, getting a temporary licence within a couple of days and his name over the door early next month.

Oct 2006 - July 2011
Steve McDonald

Fred made plans to sell up before his wedding to Bev Unwin, planning to retire to the country. Steve first encouraged his mother, Liz to buy the pub but realized she couldn't raise the cash. He had assets however and managed to get a mortgage to buy the pub. Fred died on his wedding day but eventually Ashley sorted out the estate and allowed the sale to go through. Steve moved into the pub with Liz whose name is over the door because Steve has a criminal record and can't be the licensee because of it. Liz later left the pub after ex Jim bed a bank to get the money to buy it for her when Steve had financial difficulties.

July 2011 - September 2013

Stella Price
Steve advertised for a new manager a couple of months after Liz left. Tracy had hopes of being put in place herself, but Steve had no intentions. Stella Price replied to the advertisement and Steve liked what he saw and thought she'd suit. Stella had other reasons for wanting to be on Coronation Street, however. It turns out she's Leanne Battersby's biological mother! Stella brought her fella, Karl Munro and her second daughter, Eva with her and moved them all in. Karl is a very feckless fella with a gambling plem, who eventually fell into an affair with Sunita Alahan. The affair blew apart his and Stella's relationship and his with Sunita didn't last long either. Eva arrived fresh out of dumping an unfaithful fiance. She quickly had serial flings with both Nick Tilsley and Donovan, both of whom were not all that into her. Stella and Karl did buy the pub from Steve but were in financial straits after the pub burned and the insurance wouldn't pay up. Stella's mother, Gloria, put up some money to become part owner to help with the rebuilding costs. Karl and Stella broke up, Karl tried to get back with her but ended up setting fire to the pub. Because he seemingly saved Stella from the fire he started, she came back to him and agreed to marry him. His misdeeds were found out and he was nicked in the nick of time. Stella decided there were too many bad memories and sold the pub back to Steve who brought his mother Liz back from Spain to invest in the pub and help run it..

September 2013 - July 2017

Steve McDonald and Michelle Connor (licensees)
Steve bought the pub back from Stella. He can now have his name over the door due to enough time passing after his criminal conviction as a young man. He and Michelle share the license and his mother Liz is part owner and manager. In 2016, Steve has an ill-advised one night stand with Leanne Battersby when he thought Michelle had left him. He fathered a son with Leanne and when Michelle found out, shortly after their own baby was born too early and died, she left Steve and is divorcing him, insisting on half of the Rovers. Steve and Liz decided to sell up.

July 2017 -

Peter Barlow and Toyah Battersby(licensees)
Peter Barlow bought the Rovers from Steve McDonald, selling the betting shop and flat to sister Tracy who has been running a flower shop in the premisis. He and girlfriend Toyah Battersby took over and moved in, July 2017.


Bar staff:

Concepta Riley (later Hewitt)
1959 - May 1962
Concepta was the first Rovers barmaid we saw and pulled the first pint in December 1960. She stopped working in the Rovers in October 1961 after she married Harry Hewitt, though she later returned part-time when the Hewitts found finances tight. She finally left the Rovers when she was pregnant with her son Christopher.
Nona Willis
September - October 1961
Londoner Nona upset the Sung regulars on her first night, admitting she had been an exotic dancer. Ena Sharples didn't approve and wouldn't rest until Nona was dismissed two weeks later.
Doreen Lostock
October 1961 - November 1961
Doreen was Concepta's replacement, who left Gamma Garments for an extra £1 a week wages, but only lasted a month behind the bar.
Irma Ogden
June - October 1964
Irma was romanced by the Walkers' son Billy.
Lucille Hewitt
1964 - 1974
Lucille moved into the Rovers in 1964 aged 15 as Annie's ward when her father and step-mother left to live in Ireland, and she lived at the Rovers on and off until she moved to Ireland herself in 1974. When she was old enough, Lucille sometimes helped out behind the bar.
Hilda Ogden
Emily Nugent
April 1968 - April 1970 EILEEN DERBYSHIRE
Betty Turpin (later Williams)
June 1969 - May 2011 BETTY DRIVER
Bet Lynch
May 1970 - January 1985 JULIE GOODYEAR
Blanche Hunt
Gail Potter
November 1976 HELEN WORTH
Dawn Perks
September 1977 JEANNETTE WILD
Diane Hawkins 1981 LOTTIE WARD
Carole Fairbanks 1981 GRETA SCHMIDT
Suzie Birchall
February - March 1983 CHERYL MURRAY
Free Gee gives into Suzie's feminine charms and appoints Suzie as relief barmaid whilst Bet works in the Corner Shop covering for an injured Alf erts. Suzie spends most of her time flirting with both staff and customers - and causing trouble.
Kathy Goodwin
Gloria Todd
January - February 1985 ; September 1985 - November 1988 SUE JENKINS
Noreen Barnett
Sally Seddon
August - September 1986 SALLY WHITTAKER
Alison Dougherty
Margot Richardson
July - August 1987 VICKY OGDEN
Vera Duckworth
Sandra Stubbs
Tina Fowler
March 1989 - September 1990 MICHELLE HOLMES
Meagan Morgan 1990 SUE RODERICK
Liz McDonald
December 1990 - Dec 1991; June 92 - May 1993; Dec 94 - Feb 95; 1996; March - Sept 2004 BEVERLEY CALLARD
Angie Freeman
Raquel Wolstenhulme (later Watts)
Janauary 1992 - June 1996 SARAH LANCASHIRE
Tanya Pooley
June 1993 - September 1994 EVA POPE
Jenny Bradley
September - October 1993 SALLY ANNE MATTHEWS
Vicky Arden
Tricia Armstrong
1995; December 1996 - May 1997 TRACY BRABIN
Carol Starkey
Lorraine Ramsden
December 1995 VICKI STEPHENS
Judy Mallett
May 1996 - September 1997; March - September 1999 GAYNOR FAYE
Samantha Failsworth
July 1996 - June 1998 TINA HOBLEY
Natalie Horrocks
August - November 1997 DENISE WELCH
Lorraine Brownlow
July 1998 - March 1999 HOLLY NEWMAN
Vicky McDonald
1998 CHLOE NEWSOME just helped out when she was up from Brighton to see Alec
Spider Nugent
Martin Platt
Leanne Tilsley (later Battersby)
1999 - August 2000
Leanne became a barmaid when, unknown to landlady Natalie Barnes, she was still only 17. After breaking up with her husband Nick Tilsley, Natalie offered her both a home and a job. The two became firm friends, despite Leanne being forced by Jez Quigley to organise a raid on the Rovers in the early hours of 2000. After Jez was found innocent of killing Tony Horrocks, he persued Leanne, and fearing for her life she joined Mark Redman to travel the world.
Amy Goskirke
January - February 2000
Geena Gregory
February 2000 - October 2002
Toyah Battersby
August 2000 - April 2001, January 2017 -
Edna Miller
May 2001
Morose Rovers cleaner Edna rose to the challenge of staff shortages by offering her services behind the bar - after all, she had worked behind the bar of the Turk's Head. A shocked Duggie reluctantly agreed, and was gobsmacked when a vision clad in purple arrived through the door. However, for Edna "to do chirpy" meant imbibing copious amounts of alcohol, and by the end of her first evening she pleaded with Duggie to let her go and return to being a harbinger of doom.
Shelley Unwin
May 2001 -
Shelley came to the rescue when staff was short behind the bar. She had worked behind the bar with Duggie when he was playing for Weatherfield Rugby League Club - though it's unclear just how close they got...

After a disasterous episode with manager Lillian Spencer, Fred Elliott appointed Shelley Bar Manager in July 2002.

Evelyn Sykes
August - December 2001
Eve lost her job as barmaid at the Turk's Head some weeks before, and unable to get another job became depressed. Her boyfriend Fred Elliott decided to give her back some self-respect by secretly paying her wages at the Rovers. It didn't take landlord Duggie Ferguson long to exploit the situation, giving her more shifts, especially at the expensive times - weekends and Bank Holidays. It also didn't take long for Fred's secret to get out, and Eve's daughter Linda Baldwin spilled the beans... However it was a happy ending - a furious Eve agreed at marry Fred, and delighted at her work, Duggie agreed to take her on as a fully-paid barmaid.

Tracy Barlow 2003 (KATE FORD)(1 or 2 days), 2011

Maria Sutherland (SAMIA GHADIE) 2002 - 2003

Lillian Spencer (2002, Relief manager, see below)

Bev Unwin 2003 - 2004, 2005 - 2006

Ciaran McCarthy 2003 - 2004, 2009 - 2010

Violet Wilson 2004 - 2008

Sean Tully 2006 -

Liz McDonald 2006 - 2011, 2013 - 2017(manager/part owner)

Michelle Connor 2006 - 2010, 2013 - 2017(also part owner and licensee)

Poppy 2008 - 2009

Becky McDonald 2008 - 2011

Tina McIntyre - 2010 - 2014

Tracy Barlow - 2011

Sunita Alahan - 2012

Eva Price - 2012 -

Gloria Price (Part time, part owner) - 2012 - 2013

Mandy Kamara (food and bar) - 2012 - 2013

Eileen Grimshaw - 2015

Sarah Platt - 2015 -

Toyah Battersby - 2017 - (also part owner/licensee)


Potmen & cellar keepers:

Ivan Cheveski March - December 1961
Sam Leach August - September 1962
Jacko Ford July - August 1972
Terry Bradshaw January 1976
Fred Gee March 1976 - August 1984
Wilf Starkey February - August 1985
Frank Mills August 1985 - January 1986
Jack Duckworth September - November 1985
Jack Duckworth January 1986 - 1999
Charlie Bracewell 1989
Andy McDonald
Bill Webster
Vinny Sorrell 1999 - 2000
Peter Baldwin March 2001 - May 2001
Jack Duckworth November 2001 - July 2002
Timothy Spencer July 2002
Harry Flagg October 2002 - 2003
Ciaran McCarthy July 2003 - 2004, 2010 - 2011
Sean Tully 2006 -
Vernon Tomlin 2007-2008
Karl Munro 2011 - 2012, 2013
Lewis Archer 2012 (very briefly)


Temporary managers:

Vince Plummer August 1961
Brenda Riley March - April 1966
Billy Walker January 1972 - May 1973
Glyn Thomas June - July 1973
Gordon Lewis March 1981
Fred Gee February 1984
Frank Harvey April - May 1984
Frank Harvey January - February 1985
Gordon Lewis May 1984
Gordon Lewis December 1984 - January 1985
Frank Harvey January - February 1985
Liz McDonald April 1993
Rodney Bostock
Jim McDonald January 2000
Liz McDonald December 2000 - January 2001
Linda Baldwin January 2001
Lillian Spencer July 2002
Lloyd Mullaney (while Steve was on holiday) 2011



Martha Longhurst March 1963 - May 1964
Hilda Ogden 1964 - December 1987
Clara Midgeley March 1966
Amy Burton December 1987 - March 1988
Sandra Stubbs April - November 1988
Joyce Smedley March 1996 - February 1997
Tricia Armstrong
Vera Duckworth January 1999 - 2000
Edna Miller July 2000 - September 2001
Harry Flagg September 2002 -2004
Anna Windass May 2014 -

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