No5 Coronation Street

Address: Nş5 Coronation Street
Phone number: 0161 715 4329
Current owners: Weatherfield Council, rented by Chesney Brown

Actual location: Granada Studios outdoor set

December 1960: Esther Hayes is renting No5

June 1961: Esther's conman brother Tom Hayes lives in No5 for a month after his release from prison

May 1962: Esther Hayes moves to a flat in Moor Lane

August 1962: Minnie Caldwell and her cat Bobby move into No5

November 1962: Minnie takes in a lodger - Liverpudlian Jed Stone

April 1963: Jed Stone 'borrows' Harry Hewitt's car and disappears

June 1964: Stand-up comic Charlie Moffat lodges with Minnie - together with Little Titch his greyhound, three pigeons and two rabbits

September 1964: Irish comic Tickler Murphy lodges with his friend Charlie Moffat for a month at No5

December 1965: Charlie Moffat decides to return to the stage and leaves No5

January 1966: Jed Stone returns, and becomes Minnie's lodger again

September 1966: Jed Stone is arrested and sentenced to 18 months in prison

April 1968: Dennis Tanner's girlfriend Jenny Sutton lodges with Minnie for a month before she marries Dennis and moves down to Bristol

May 1968: Ena Sharples stays with Minnie for a month on her return from St Annes - the Mission having been demolished.

November 1968: Bobby (the cat) goes missing. A cat is found perched on top of the viaduct - it isn't Bobby, but Minnie takes him in and calls him Sunny Jim after Jed Stone.

April 1969: Minnie took in Alice Pickens for a month

September 1969: In between two spells at No3, Ray Langton lodges with Minnie at No5 for a month

October 1969: Sunny Jim is re-named Bobby and continues to live with Minnie - even after she moves to Whaley Bridge in 1976

November 1970: Whilst the Rovers is being re-decorated, Billy Walker lodges with Minnie

November 1970: American GI Joe Donnelli lodges with Minnie; he becomes interested in Irma Barlow, and after confessing he is a deserter and he killed Steve Tanner, he holds Irma hostage. She escapes, and as the month turns to December, he holds a gun to Minnie. Stan Ogden talks Donnelli into releasing Minnie, and Donelli turns the gun on himself.

January 1971: On his return from making his fortune in Ontario, old schoolfriend Handel Gartside lodges with Minnie for a few weeks

December 1973: Ena Sharples looses her job and home at the Community Centre, and stays with Minnie.

February 1974: Ena leaves No5 to live in St Annes

December 1974: Eddie Yeats moves in as Minnie's new lodger, and Ena returns and stays at No5 for Christmas

March 1975: Ena Sharples stays for a month

July 1975: Eddie moves out - but only down the street to No9

September 1975: Ena Sharples stays for a month, prior to re-taking her post as caretaker to the Community Centre

April 1976: Minnie Caldwell moves out temporarily to help housekeep for Handel Gartside whose wife has died.

October 1976: Minnie Caldwell ceases to be a tenant, deciding to live in Handel Gartside's house full time. Landlord Wormold puts the house up for sale.

November 1976: Mike Baldwin narrowly beats Ray Langton to buy Nş5 for £2,500. Ray & Len Fairclough are employed to modernise Nş5 and knock it though into one room downstairs.

December 1976: Mike Baldwin installs Bet Lynch as his "housekeeper".

March 1977: Mike Baldwin's other mistress, Anne Woodley, objects to Bet staying at Nş5. Mike tries to evict her, but she stays put, so he sells Nş5 to Ray Langton for £2,500 plus the conversion costs and furniture, and Bet moves out. Ray, Dierdre and Tracy Langton move in.

November 1978: After an affair with waitress Janice Stubbs, Ray Langton leaves his wife for a building job in Holland - and the following month issues an ultimatum - join me or sell the house.

February 1979: Deirdre and Tracy are forced to move in with Emily Bishop at No3 as Deirdre sells No5 for £7,000 and Bert, Ivy and Brian Tilsley from Inkerman Street move in.

August 1980: Brian, Gail and Nicky Tilsley move to Buxton Close.

May 1981: Vera Duckworth is thrown out by husband Jack and so much to Ivy and Bert's horror, comes to stay at No5, sleeping on the sofa.

July 1983: Bert Tilsley is seriously injured at the garage. The next month he disappears, is discovered in Bristol and is admitted to a psychiatric hospital in Southport. He doesn't return to No5.

October 1983: Brian's garage business is on the brink of collapse and to raise funds they sell Buxton Close and move back to Nş5.

January 1984: Bert Tilsley dies

April 1985: Gail and Nicky move out of Nş5 into a bedsit

June 1985: Brian gets a council house in Hammond Road, and moves in with Gail and Nicky

May 1986: Brian's cousin, Ian Latimer stays for a month at Nş5 whilst visiting Britain

August 1986: Following Gail's admission of her affair with Ian Latimer, Brian moves back in with his mother

March 1987: The birth of Sarah Louise makes Brian move back in with Gail and Nicky

June 1988: Ivy re-marries, and Don Brennan moves into Nş5

December 1990: Don befriends Marie Ramsden and she and her son Jamie stay for a short while

July 1992: Don's affair with Julie Dewhurst ends, he tries to kill himself and moves out

October 1992: Don moves back in an attempt to stop Ivy drinking herself to death

March 1994: Ivy Brennan moves into a religious retreat

May 1995: Nicky Tilsley decides to live with his step-grandfather at Nş5

August 1995: Ivy Brennan dies at the religious retreat, leaving Nş5 to her grandson Nicky, who moves back into Nş8 in the September. It takes until January 1996 to sort out the repercusions, when Don buys Nş5 from Nick at the reduced price of £12,000

September 1995: Josie Clarke moves in with Don

June 1996: Josie Clarke moves out

October 1996: Ashley Peacock moves into Nş5 as Don's lodger

March 1997: Property taken over by the council and moves in Janice and Les Battersby with daughters Leanne and Toyah.

June 1999: After being thrown out of No4, Leanne temporarily moves back in, before moving into the Rovers.

December 1999: Toyah moves out to a bedsit with boyfriend Spider Nugent.  

August 2000: Dennis Stringer lodges temporarily with the Battersby's. In February 2001 Dennis moves out and into No11 with Eileen Grimshaw.

November 2001: Janice moves out to share a flat with her lover Dennis Stringer. They later move to Sheffield.

February 2002: After Dennis's death, Janice returns to Weatherfield and Toyah moves out to share a flat in Victoria Street with her.

June 2002: Keen to help out, Les offers a room to Kirk Sutherland, who is looking to move out of his parents house. The lads are soon settling in to a diet of fry-ups, beer and take-aways, followed by a spot of rat-catching, complete with air rifle! By October, the council learns that Les is illegally sub-letting and threatens eviction. He first calls on Kirk's help and they claim they are living as a gay couple, but later Janice reluctantly agrees to help out and tells the council they are reconciled and back living together. The council allows Les to stay on.

2003 - 2005: Kirk is still lodging with Les but Les has a new woman in his life, Fiz's mother, Cilla Brown and her 10 year old son Chesney. It's been a rocky road with Cilla moved out more than once but she seems to be part of the fixtures and fittings at the moment.

2005:Kirk moves back to his family's home when he takes over the kennel business.

2009: Kirk's parents sold the home and business. Kirk has moved back to Number 5. Les leaves to work with a rock band. Cilla leaves to go to Las Vegas and South Africa. Fiz and Kirk break up but Fiz moves back in to be Chesney's guardian. Kirk moves girlfriend Julie Carp in but she moves out after they break up.

2017: Chesney Brown. Sinead Tinker. Beth and Kirk Sutherland. Craig Tinker.

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