There have been 28 births in Coronation Street as part of the storylines


12 June
Paul Cheveski, 7lb 21/2oz; Parents: Ivan and Linda Cheveski
Paul was the first Coronation Street baby - though in those days we didn't see the baby until a few weeks after the birth


6 August
Christopher Hewitt, 7lb 3oz; Parents: Harry and Concepta Hewitt


15 April
Susan Ida Barlow, 5lb 3oz; Parents: Ken and Valerie Barlow
Peter Barlow, 4lb 11oz; Parents: Ken and Valerie Barlow


20 November
Darren Barlow, 8lb; Parents: David and Irma Barlow


Damien Ogden; Parents: Trevor and Polly Ogden


21 July
Jayne Ogden, 8lb 6oz; Parents: Trevor and Polly Ogden


24 January
Tracy Lynette Langton, 8lb 4oz; Parents: Ray and Deirdre Langton
Although she was just called 'Baby' at the time, Tracy was the first Coronation Street baby to be seen on-screen on the day of her birth.


31 December
Nicholas Paul Tilsley, 7lb 2oz, Weatherfield General Hospital; Parents: Brian and Gail Tilsley


13 April
Mark Redman , 6lb 10oz; Parents: Mike Baldwin and Maggie Redman
To fit in with other storylines, Mark's date of birth was later changed to 13 April 1981


23 May
Dawn Yates, 9lb 2oz; Parents: Eddie and Marion Yeats


25 March
Peter Clegg, 7lb 2oz; Parents: Gordon and Caroline Clegg


28 January
Sarah Louise Tilsley, 4lb; Parents: Brian and Gail Tilsley


24 December
Rosie Webster, 7lb 5oz; Parents: Kevin and Sally Webster
Rosie arrived rather quickly and was delivered in the back of Don Brennan's taxi.


25 December
David Platt, 8lb; Parents: Martin Platt and Gail Tilsley


1 January
Katherine McDonald; Parents: Jim and Liz McDonald
Katy was a surprise to the McDonalds. When a suprised Liz discovered she was pregnant, not expecting to fall pregnant later in life she didn't know whether to tell Jim or not as they were going through one of their bad patches and had been considering a separation. After the initial shock, Jim was delighted.

They decided to keep the baby and were looking forward to it in great anticipation, but the daughter they had always wanted arrived early due to stress and only survived one day.

9 September
Tommy Duckworth, 6lb 4oz; Parents: Terry and Lisa Duckworth
Tommy's birth was the first time viewers saw inside the labour suite.


4 November
Sophie Webster, 7lb 5oz; Parents: Kevin and Sally Webster


4 January
Daniel Osbourne, 8lb 5oz; Parents: Ken Barlow and Denise Osbourne
Daniel is the sole survivor of Denise's twins - his sibling died when Denise was five months pregnant.


14 February
Brad Armstrong; Parents: Terry Duckworth and Tricia Armstrong
Brad was going to be called Bradley Thomas Armstrong, but eventually he was registered simply as Brad.

27 August
Shannon Jade Tattersall; Parents: Liam Shepherd & Zoe Tattersall
Shannon had a rather confused entry into the world. Desperate for a baby, childless Gary and Judy Mallett paid Shannon's mother Zoe Tattersall 2,000 for the baby and took her in as their own, calling her Katie Joyce Mallett and going to the extent of illegally registering her in that name and Gary as the father. However, the pull of motherhood was too strong, and Zoe finally took her back at the end of 1997, calling her Shannon Jade. Tragically, she died of meningitis four months later, in the arms of babysitter Leanne Tilsley.


16 February
Morgan Middleton; Parents: Fiona Middleton and Alan McKenna

25 December
William Mallett, 6lb 8oz, 6:40am, Weatherfield General Hospital; Parents: Gary and Judy Mallett

Rebecca Joyce Mallett, 6lb 4oz, 7:20am, Weatherfield General Hospital; Parents: Gary and Judy Mallett


4 June
Bethany Britney Platt Parents: Sarah Louise Platt and Neil Fearns
The most controversial birth on Coronation Street. Sarah Louise Platt was only a 12-year old schoolgirl when she fell pregnant by classmate Neil Fearns, later bemoaning that they had "only done it once". Sarah Louise didn't realise she was pregnant until five months later, when it was too late for an abortion, and so had to give birth to the child. Although her pregnancy and birth went smoothly, she rapidly realised that her childhood had ended and her life would never be the same again.

5 June
Jake Webster Parents: Kevin and Alison Webster
Tragically, the son that Kevin had hoped for for so long contracted a Group B Streptococcus from his mother whilst he was being born, and despite valiant efforts by the hospital, it overwhelmed him and he died in his parents arms the same day.


19 February 2001
Laura Barnes 9lb 6oz, Gloucestershire; Parents: Natalie Barnes and Vinny Sorrell
Landlady of the Rovers Return Natalie has never really recovered from the loss of her husband, Des Barnes. She started a relationship with Vinny Sorrell, the Rovers potman, but the relationship was always rocky and it came as no surprise whe it broke up in October 2000 - though it was surprising that he strayed with Natalie's sister Debs. Shortly afterwards Natalie found she was pregnant by Vinny, but chose to keep this secret and Vinny and Debs left Weatherfield for a new life working on cruise ships. Sick of the small talk in the enclosed Weatherfield community, Natalie sold the Rovers and went to live in the Cotswolds with her cousin Helen, and gave birth to Laura in February 2001, happy to be a single parent.

26 December
Ben Watts 6lb 2oz, No7 Coronation Street; Parents: Norman and Emma Watts
Ben arrived a little early - whilst his dad was taking Vera Duckworth to visit Terry in prison. Norris Cole and his encyclopedic medical knowledge stood in whilst both Curly and the midwives rushed to the scene. Ben, named after Norris's middle name, was safely delivered on the blue sofa which is still in the Watts' lounge...


8 April 2002
Joshua Peacock Weatherfield General Hospital; Parents: Maxine Peacock and Matt Ramsden
On the very night her husband was having infertility treatment, Maxine Peacock had a drunken fling with next-door neighbour and GP Matt Ramsden. Soon after she found she was pregnant, but didn't know whether this was by her doctor or newly-virile husband. Unable to contain his excitement that he may be a father, Dr Ramsden finally revealed his secret to a horrified Ashley and Maxine, and Maxine promptly went into labour 8 weeks early. Joshua was delivered safely and without ill-effects, with Maxine insisting his father was Ashley, but Ashley refusing to accept the baby as his own. Ashley demanded a paternity test, but on the day of the test, when Joshua came out of hospital, Ashley relented and finally accepted Joshua as his son. Ashley is listed as the father on Joshua's birth certificate, but a DNA test in February 2003 following Maxine's death revealed that Matt Ramsden was Josh's biological father.


July 6 Simon Barlow - Baby son of Peter Barlow and Lucy Richards.


9 February 2004
Amy Barlow - daughter of Tracy Barlow and Steve MacDonald.

1 June 2004
Billy Platt - son of Sarah Louise Platt and Todd Grimshaw. Died the day after he was born premature.


17 July 2006
Freddie Peacock - Son of Ashley (deceased) and Claire Peacock


22 February 2008
Dylan Wilson - Son of Violet Wilson and Sean Tulley

30 April 2008
Paul Connor - son of Liam (deceased) and Maria Connor. Died at birth - premature.


1 July 2009
Liam Connor Jr. - Son of Liam (deceased) and Maria Connor


6 September 2010
Jack Dobbs - Son of Molly (deceased) and Tyrone Dobbs (biological son of Kevin Webster)

8 December 2010

Hope Stape - Daughter of Fiz and John Stape. Born 3 months premature when Fiz was thrown to the ground after the tram crash blast.


24 December 2011
Joseph Peter - Son/Daughter of Chesney Battersby Brown and Katy Armstrong


9 September 2012
Ruby - Daughter of Tyrone Dobbs and Kirsty Soames.


May 27 2013
Tina McIntyre gives premature birth to a baby boy, Jake, biological child of Izzy Armstrong and Gary Windass. Tina decided to keep the baby herself but was eventually persuaded by Tommy and by Izzy who was willing to let her keep the baby rather than put the child through years of stress.

August 26 2013
Kylie Platt gives birth to a baby girl, Lily, The baby could be the biological child of husband David Platt or David's brother Nick Tilsley.


April 3, 2015
13 year old Faye Windass gives birth to a daughter, Miley. The baby's biological father is a schoolmate, Jackson Hodge. She managed to keep the pregnancy hidden from Anna until she gave birth. She did confide in friend Craig Tinker who was accused by Owen of being the father.


March 21, 2016
Sarah Platt gives birth to baby Harry, son of Callum Logan.


January 11, 2017
Michelle McDonald has a stillborn son at 23 weeks into her pregnancy, named Ruairi.

February 20, 2017
Leanne Battersby gives birth to Oliver, biological son of Steve McDonald.


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