So far there have been 91 deaths in Coronation Street as part of the storylines:


31 December
May Hardman
Christine's mother died of a heart attack and tried to attract the attention of her neighbours at No11


11 September
Ida Barlow
Ida left a husband, Frank and two sons David and Kenneth when she was knocked down by a bus


4 July
Amy Charlton
Minnie Caldwell's mother died of old age

12 October
Colin Appleby
Only weeks after marrying Christine Hardman, Colin met his end in a car accident


27 January
Susan Schofield
The local residents had been campaigning for a zebra crossing but it was too late for little Susan who was knocked down by a lorry

13 May
Martha Longhurst
During Frank Barlow's leaving party in the Rovers, pub cleaner Martha suffered a heart attack and died in the snug that was her second home

18 October
Nellie Bailey
Len Fairclough's first wife died of cancer


22 March
Alice Raynould
Ena Sharples' sister passed away of natural causes

25 September
Bob Maxwell
Married man Maxwell gave Elsie Tanner a lift home but suffered a heart attack at the wheel of his car. Elsie left her gloves in the car fearing she could be blamed


11 January
Vera Lomax
Ena Sharples' daughter died of a brain tumour

11 May
Sonia Peters
Sonia was in a car near the viaduct when a train came through it. She was due to marry four weeks later

4 September
Harry Hewitt
Harry returned to Weatherfield for the wedding of Elsie and Steve Tanner. He never made it because his van broke down and he was crushed to death by a van when the jack slipped


28 September
Steve Tanner
Steve Tanner was found dead at the foot of the stairs in No11. It was later discovered he was murdered and Len Fairclough was chief suspect. The following year the real killer, Joe Donelli, admitted to the crime


5 November
Reg Ellis
Reg drove the coach to Windermere and was killed when it smashed into a tree


8 April
David Barlow
David was killed instantly in a car crash in Australia

9 April
Darren Barlow
Darren died the day after his father

30 June
Jack Walker
Jack died on a visit to his daughter Joan in Derby when he suffered a heart attack. His wife Annie remained at the Rovers for a further 13 years

12 December
Joe Donnelli
Joe confessed to the murder of Steve Tanner then shot himself dead in No5


27 January
Valerie Barlow
Val was electrocuted by her dodgy wiring on a hair dryer plug. She left Ken and their twins Peter and Susan


18 September
Phyllis Roberts
Phyllis was Alf's first wife, who died of cancer


7 May
Tom Schofield
Ena's brother died in America of old age


25 February
Cyril Turpin
Cyril left his wife Betty a widow when he collapsed and died, he had suffered a heart attack


29 January
Lynn Johnson
Lynn was being beaten by her husband. She had been murdered by her husband Roy when she was discovered dead in Len Fairclough's kitchen

21 April
Frank Barlow
Frank had left the area and died of old age

9 July
Martin Downs
Bet's son Martin was killed in a car crash

1 October
Edna Gee
Fred Gee's first wife Edna was killed in a fire at the Mark Britain warehouse

10 November
Jerry Booth
Jerry died of a quick heart attack


21 February
Janet Barlow
Janet died of an overdose in the front bedroon of No1 when Ken refused a reconciliation

17 August
Edie Kenyon
Mavis' aunt Edie died of heart failure whilst Mavis was out at work


11 January
Ernest Bishop
Ernest died after being shot in a wages snatch at Baldwins factory


7 March
The driver of the wood lorry who died at the wheel as it overturned into the Rovers window injuring Mike Baldwin, Betty Turpin and Alf Roberts


30 July
Renee Roberts
Reene was killed in a car crash when she was learning how to drive

9 November
Monty Shawcross
Albert Tatlock's old friend died on the moring he was due to travel down to London to lay a wreath during the Rememberance Day parade at the Cenotaph. As a mark of respect, Albert laid Monty's wreath at the War Memorial in the centre of Manchester.


22 December
Arnold Swain
Arnold died in a mental institution


4 July
Frankie Baldwin
Frankie left his son Mike when he died of a heart attack


18 May
Archie Crabtree
Hilda Ogden's brother Archie died of a stroke

7 December
Len Fairclough
Len was killed in a motorway accident returning from a date with his other woman


16 January
Bert Tilsley
Died from a heart condition and depression in a nursing home in Southport.

14 May
Albert Tatlock
Albert died whilst visiting his daughter Beatie in Glasgow

21 November
Stan Ogden
Stan died in Weatherfield General after suffering gangrene


3 June
Don Ashton
Don visited Mike in the Rovers and left a brief case there accidentally. That evening he drove his car into the canal. The case had £4,000 in it


6 January
Pat Bradley
Jenny Bradley's mother Pat was killed when she was knocked down by a car

23 April
Ada Arrowsmith
Ada left Hilda Ogden a cat Rommel when she died of natural causes


23 November
Joan Lowther
Joan, the wife of Dr Lowther died of a heart attack following the raid on her home, where Hilda Ogden was cleaner


11 January
Eddie Seddon
Sally's dad was killed in a lorry crash

15 February
Brian Tilsley
Brian died after being stabbed to death outside a night club

8 December
Alan Bradley
Alan was knocked down by a tram in Blackpool


28 March
Harriet The Budgie
Died following the shock of a move from the Rosamund Street Kabin to No4 Coronation Street

17 August
Peter Ingram
Mike Baldwin's new employer died suddenly of a heart attack


18 February
Amy Burton
Vera's mum died of a heart attack over her bingo card

5 July
Joyce Shaw
Alec's first wife, died of a heart attack

19 July
Tim Arden
Killed in a car accident on his return from his mother-in-law's funeral. He left a daughter, Victoria

Sandra Arden
Killed in a car accident with her husband Tim


2 January
Katie McDonald
Katie was born prematurely and died the next day leaving her parents Jim and Liz devastated

9 September
Ted Sullivan
Died of a brain tumour after marrying Rita Fairclough


12 February
Lisa Duckworth
Knocked down by a car in Coronation Street, she suffered brain damage that killed her

5 May
Les Curry
Died of a heart attack

20 August
Brendan Scott
Brendan suffered a heart attack in his corner shop

8 November
Joss Shackleton
Vera's 'father' died of natural causes


25 March
Mandy Baker
Mandy died in Martin Platt's ward following a cardiac arrest


31 May
Samir Rachid
Died after getting beaten up, his organs were used for donors including his step-daughter Tracy

2 June
Harry the Budgie
Mavis and Derek's budgerigar died of old age

21 July
Clifford Duckworth
Killed in a car accident in Spain with his wife Elsie

Elsie Duckworth
Killed in a car accident in Spain with her husband Cliff

23 August
Ivy Brennan
Died in her sleep in a convent following a stroke


6 May
Charlie Hunter
A friend of Fred Elliott and Rita Sullivan who died of a heat attack. Fred felt rather guilty as Charlie liked his meat on the fatty side and Fred was always glad to oblige.

1 July
Maisie McDonald
Jim's mother died of a heart attack in Belfast

9 August
Tommy Mukes
Died of a heart attack and left a place in the Square Dealers


14 February
Joyce Smedley
Knocked down and killed by Tony Horrocks

7 April
Derek Wilton
Suffered a heart attack during a road rage attack

8 October
Don Brennan
Drove Alma Baldwin's MG Midget into the viaduct

3 November
Billy Williams
Died of a heart attack

22 December
Theresa the Turkey
Accidentally run over by Les Battersby in Coronation Street


2 February
Harry Patterson
Hayley Patterson's father died after months in hospital after a long illness following an industrial accident

18 March
Babs Fanshawe
Babs' dated Ken Barlow through Alec Gilroy's Golden Years Agency. During the meal in a restaurant Babs complained of feeling hot and went to the toilet. She was later found on the floor of the ladies - dead

17 April
Shannon Tattersall
Baby Shannon died of meningitis at No4 whilst her mum Zoe was out having a Chinese meal with Ashley Peacock and Leanne Tilsley was babysitting

25 May
Elsie Seddon
Sally's mother died in Scarborough following a second stroke

11 October
Anne Malone
Freshco's manageress Anne Malone was locked in a supermarket walk-in freezer whilst she was attempting to implicate fellow manager Curly Watts in a blackmail plot against Freshco. She froze to death but Curly's name was cleared

18 November
Des Barnes
Des died in hospital of a heart attack following an attack from drug dealers. They were visiting his stepson Tony Horrocks and Des was injured whilst trying to protect him. Natalie, his wife of just four weeks was devastated


1 January
Alf Roberts OBE
Weatherfield's "Mr Millennium" didn't quite make it but passed away in a chair at his step-grandsons 18th birthday party at No8 Coronation Street in the first minutes of New Years Day

Between 4 and 6 February
Tony Horrocks
The remains of a body were dicovered on a building site in Victoria Street in March 2000. They were badly decomposed and originally though to be the 100 year old remains of a victim of Fred Elliott's murderous grandfather, Bernard Cartwright - but they were eventually they were found to be drug dealer Tony Horrocks'. He had been beaten around the head and his body dumped in a cellar. Fellow drug dealer Jez Quigley was eventually charged with his murder.

7 February
Walter Byford
An old man died in Weatherfield Vale residential nursing home where Martin Platt worked. He had just been given a place in a new home with his sister. Martin was angry at the way the home was run and was later sacked

6 August
Sidney Templeton
Maud Grimes' fiancée. Maud's son-in-law Fred Elliott was supicious of Sidney's motives, and together with Audrey Roberts, took him for a drive. They found his intentions were honourable and he was fairly well-off, but embarrasingly, he died in Fred's car.
24 September
Judy Mallett
Judy received a superficially slight leg injury as a passenger in Vera Duckworth's car when it was involved in an accident. No one realised that Terry had sold Vera an unroadworthy 'cut & shut' vehicle. Over the period of a week, the injury formed a clot with travelled to her lungs, and she died of a pulmonary embolism whilst pegging out clothes in the back yard of No9. Husband Gary was away as Best Man at Ashley Peacock's wedding, and Judy died whilst her twins were crying for their mother inside.


5 June
Jake Webster
Tragically, Jake contracted a Group B Streptococcus from his mother whilst he was being born, and despite valiant efforts by the hospital, it overwhelmed him and he died in his parents arms the same day.

7 June
Alison Webster
Alison never led a particularly happy life, weighed down by both her and her parent's guilt over the death of her younger sister when Alison was still a child herself. After Kevin Webster brought her back to Weatherfield at Christmas 1999, it seemed like a new start- she was pregnant and they married. However the late pregnancy and birth of Jake Webster was complicated, she passed a Group B Streptococcus infection onto him and he died the same day. The burden of Alison's guilt proved too much, she cracked and walked out of the hospital with newly-born Bethany Platt. Kevin finally found her, but in the depth of her despair she ran into the path of a lorry. No one knows if it was a deliberate act or just a terrible accident.

15 September
Jez Quigley
After testifying against him in Tony Horrocks murder trial, a rather upset Jez had Steve McDonald beaten up and left for dead. Jim McDonald found his son just in time, and as he was being treated in hospital administered his own beating to Jez. Admitted to the same hospital, a battered Jez started to smother Steve with a pillow in intensive care - but one of Jez's broken ribs punctured his lung and spleen and he collapsed, dead, on top of Steve.

12 October
Dean Sykes
Linda Baldwin's younger brother who got totally out of his depth when he held up a till at Freshco's supermarket with a handgun. Instead of the expected few pounds he found himself locked in the supermarket with hostages and hoping he could raid the safe and escape with thousands. As the seige developed, police surrounded the building, and after he shot at a hostage they stormed it. Dean was shot by police markswoman Emma Taylor, and died in the ambulance on the way to hospital.


11 February
Susan Barlow
In late 1987 Susan fled from Weatherfield and her marriage to Mike Baldwin. For 12 years she managed to keep the birth of their son Adam a secret, but when Mike found out accountant Susan panicked and tried to run again - this time to Ireland. En route to the ferry at Holyhead her car ran off the road and into a fence on the M6 near Preston; Susan was killed but Adam survived. Susan was buried in Weatherfield, next to her mother, Val Barlow.

17 June
Alma Halliwell
Alma became a victim of circumstance - a missed cervical smear followed a misdiagnosis, and cervical cancer was allowed to develop within her unchecked. When the smear errors were found it was too late, and the best doctors could do was make her last days comfortable. Not wishing to die in hospital, Alma passed away peacefully at the home of her best friend Audrey Roberts, surrounded by her friends. Her ashes were scattered in Derwentwater in her beloved Lake District.

24 June
Isabel Stephens
Anthony Steven's wife had been suffering from Alzheimer's Disease for some time. Unable to cope both physically and emotionally, Anthony put her in a nursing home and developed a friendshipwith Rita Sullivan - much to the disgust of his daughter Amanda. Eventually she died of heart failure.

Jimmy Kelly
An old drinking partner of Jack Duckworth, who bequeathed Jack his allotment.

19 September
Edna Miller
The Rover's harbinger of doom had realised that a death was on the cards for a few weeks - but Edna didn't realise it was her own ! Whilst landlord Duggie Ferguson was away for a night at a rugby club dinner, the Rovers staff took the opportunity to have a lock-in. All rather the worse for wear the next morning, no one was too surprised when Edna didn't appear, and it wasn't till the afternoon that Duggie found Edna dead, from a heart attack - in his bed !


2 January
Dennis Stringer
Although Les Battersby attempted suicide by gassing himself in his taxi after his wife Janice left him for Dennis Stringer on New Year's Eve, it was Dennis who was first to come to his aid. Desperate to keep Les alive, Dennis rushed him to hospital, but unfortunately he crashed the taxi on the way. Les was relatively unhurt, but Dennis died in ITU in the early hours of the next morning of 2 January.

4 February
Duggie Ferguson
2002 was not a happy year for Duggie. First he was gazzumped for Weatherfield Rugby League social club AFTER selling the Rovers, and then he entered into redeveloping flats at Oakhill with Richard Hillman. Duggie was determined to cut corners, preferably without Richard's knowledge. But Richard suspected this, and one night confronted Duggie at the development. Hoist by his own petard, Duggie leant over a bannister which collapsed, and he plunged two floors. The fall didn't kill him outright, but Richard chose to rifle through Duggie's pockets, take his keys and raid his safe rather than summon help. Duggie was later found dead.

20 May
Patricia Hillman
Work on the Oakhill flats (see Duggie Ferguson's death above!) was proving more expensive than Richard Hillman expected - so it was amost inconvenient time for his ex-wife Patricia to tell him that she was moving to Australia and wanted to liquidate her directorship. She agreed to settle on £25,000, but then Oakhill needed £20,000 spending on underpinning. Richard took her there to explain his predicament; a row ensued and Richard hit Patrica with a spade, hard enough to kill her. He left her body in an underpinning trench, to be covered in concrete the next day. Richard's explanation that she was "down under" took on a whole new meaning...


13 January
Maxine Peacock
Richard Hillman, attempting to kill Emily Bishop because he needed the money for her house which he had funded through a payback scheme, broke into the Peacock house, knowing Emily was there babysitting. He was dressed in Aiden Critchley's clothing, planning to frame him. He had a crowbar and bashed Emily on the head. Maxine came in to check on Joshua and saw Richard there. She tried to run upstairs to her baby but Richard swung the crowbar and smashed Maxine in the head as well. Emily survived. Maxine did not.

12 March
Richard Hillman
After killing his ex wife, Patricia, Richard's finances went from bad to worse and he decided on a plot to make Audrey think she was losing her mind and sign her money over to Gail. Eventually he stepped up the reign of terror, and attempted to kill Audrey by setting a fire in her house. Audrey survived. Foiled again. On to Emily then. But that went awry when Emily lived and Maxine died. This affected Richard deeply, as he does put family in high regard and he'd shattered a lovely young family and left a baby motherless. The money finally started coming in because the bail hostel was rescinded and he was able to sell his flats. Also one of his elderly clients died and he would get the money from the sale of that house. Killing Maxine turned out to be all for nothing. The guilt eventually became too much. Gail began to suspect and confronted him. He confessed and ran off. He returned a week or so later, completely deranged. He kidnapped Gail and the children and tried to gas them in the garage. He was discovered so drove off in a frenzy. He eventually drove the van into the canal, in an attempt to kill them all but Martin and Tommy managed to save them all except Richard, who drowned for his sins.


Neal Fearns - Son of Brenda Fearns, father of Bethany Platt. Neal died in a car crash. Sarah went to the funeral and took Bethany. Brenda began helping out with babysitting but her grief and bitterness over her divorce sent her over the edge.

Billy Platt - Son of Sarah Louise Platt and Todd Grimshaw. The baby was born premature and died the day after.


4 March
Tommy Harris
After forcing his daughter to have an abortion, Tommy had definitely gone too far. When his daughter Katy confronted him at the garage, he tried to calm her. But when an ugly confrontation ensued, it ended when Katy smashed him over the head with a monkey wrench - just as Angela arrived. Tommy died minutes later.

10 April
Ray Langton
Ray had been in bad health for some years. He returned to Weatherfield after just over a quarter of a century to say goodbye. After bonding with his daughter, Tracy, at Ken Barlow and Deirdre Rachid's wedding reception, Ray died of stomach cancer inside the Rovers.

20 April
Katy Harris
Katy killed her father in the heat of an argument but her mother, Angela, talked her into covering it up. Angela took the blame and went to prison. Katy felt so guilty that she committed suicide by feeding herself spoonfuls of sugar, which seriously affected her body because she was diabetic.


Mike Baldwin - April 7 - Mike developed Alzheimer's Disease and later, after getting caught in the rain, came down with pneumonia. He left the hospital, returned to Coronation Street and died of a heart attack in Ken Barlow's arms.

Fred Elliott - October 10 - Fred died of a heart attack in Audrey Roberts' front hall on the day of his wedding to Bev Unwin.


Charlie Stubbs - January 15 - Charlie was killed by a bash over the head by jealous girlfriend Tracy Barlow, who was angry that he'd cheated on her with Maria Sutherland.

Kasia Barowicz - April 16 - Kasia was a factory worker doing an overtime shift and fell down the stairs of the factory.

Paul Connor - June 8 - Paul had been seeing call girls and the most recent one turned out to be Leanne Battersby. Frightened that she would tell Carla, his wife, he piled her in the boot of his car to take her to Carla to insist they hadn't actually had sex but the car got rolled in an accident. Leanne was fine, Paul died.

Angela Hawthorne - Auguest 4 - Angela was the ex-wife of both Norris Cole and Derek Wilton. She had a heart attack.

Frank Nicholls - October 3 - Cilla worked for a nursing home and then as private nurse for Frank after he took a shine to her. He died of natural causes.


Vera Duckworth - January 18 - Vera died of a heart attack in her sleep at home in her favourite chair.

Paul Connor - April 30 - Baby Paul died at birth, stillborn. Maria had a scan that revealed the baby was already gone and had to give birth to him.

Lucy Barlow - October 2 - Lucy was Peter's wife and had left him after discovering he also married Shelley. She died of cancer off screen leaving son Simon for Peter to raise.

Liam Connor - October 17 - Liam cheated on wife Maria with his former sister-in-law Carla. Carla's fiance Tony found out and organized a hit and run to kill Liam on the night of Tony's stag do.


Mike Scott - January 30 - Janice Battersby did community service at the hospital and befriended Mike on their ciggy breaks. Mike collapsed and died from a clot on the lung at her feet.

Colin Grimshaw - May 18 - Colin was Eileen's father. The news that he had got Eileen's best friend Paula pregnant when she was only 15 caused such a scandal that Colin had a stroke.

Ramsay Clegg - August 31 - Ramsay was revealed to be Norris' half brother. He came to Weatherfield to get to know Norris who blamed him for their mother's death. Norris never accepted him so Ramsay finally left for his home in Australia. He died of a brain tumour en route.


Joe McIntyre - February 8 - Joe was in dire straits financially and decided to fake his own death by making it appear that he drowned. Gail and he fought and he injured his hand. He sailed onto Lake Windemere and in the process of trying to get off the boat into a dingy, fell overboard, having been hit by the sail boom. He couldn't get back in the boat due to his injured hand and he drowned for real. Gail was accused of murdering him for insurance but was finally set free.

Blanche Hunt - May 3 - Maggie Jones, who played Blanche, had died in December and the character had been off screen already while she had been in hospital, traveling to Portugal with a friend. Blanche stayed in Portugal and died in her sleep.

Robbie Sloane - June 1 - Robbie helped Tony Gordon escape from prison but was later shot by Tony in the factory.

Tony Gordon - June 1 - Tony set the factory on fire and, after letting Carla and Hayley escape, chose to stay in the factory and died in the fire.

Colin Fishwick - July 30 - John Stape decided to use Colin's identity to return to teaching since Colin was leaving the country. Colin returned and wanted things sorted but during an argument, he dropped dead of a heart attack at John's feet. John and co-hort Charlotte left him in the factory where the floor was being repoured with cement. His body has yet to be discovered.

Jack Duckworth - November 8 - Jack died of cancer, in the same chair his beloved Vera died in at home.

Ashley Peacock - December 7 - Died in the Joinery bar wreck after the tram crash.

Molly Compton Dobbs - December 8 - Died in the wreckage of the Corner Shop after the tram crash.

Charlotte Hoyle - December 9 - She attacked John Stape with a hammer but he managed to get it from her, chased her and bashed her over the head with it. He dragged her to the site where the tram crashed but she was still alive, although brain dead. Her life support system was later turned off in hospital when her parents asked him if he thought they should give permission (they thought he was "Colin", Charlotte's fiance).


Joy Fishwick - January 10 - John confessed to Joy that Colin was dead. She had a bad heart and started to have a heart attack. John covered her mouth so she couldn't cry out to a neighbour at the door and she died.


Frank Foster - March 5 - Frank raped fiance Carla when she broke up with him the night before the wedding. Weeks after he was found not guilty of the crime, he was found in the factory dead, bludgeoned to death. Though both Carla and lover Peter were on the suspect list, the culprit was his mother Anne who had overheard him bragging to Carla about the rape and realized he was guilty after all. In the ensuing argument she lashed out and hit him and he died.

Betty Turpin Williams - April 16 - The death of actor Betty Driver was incorporated into the show and our beloved Betty Williams died off screen of natural causes at the age of 91.

Lesley Kershaw - May 11 - Lesley was Fireman Paul's wife. She had Alzheimer's and Paul had cared for her at home. Eileen helped him but eventually Lesley had to be moved to a hospital. She walked out one day and Paul brought her back to Number 11 where, one day she was on her own, tried to make cheese on toast in the toaster and electrocuted herself.


Eric Babbage - February 25

Gloria returned from holiday with rich Eric in tow. Eric took a shine to Eva and realized that Gloria was only after his money. He asked Eva to go traveling with him but he died in the pub of a heart attack before she could agree.

Toni (firefighter) - March 20

Karl Munro was desperate to get Stella back and in his anger and desperation, he decided to set the pub on fire, hoping to set up Jason who had done some electrical work there. He didn't know she had left the Bistro party early and was upstairs. Sunita saw him going down the ginnel after having a fight with Stella herself in the Bistro. She followed Karl into the cellar and saw him light the fire. They struggled and she fell down the stairs. He left her there and got out but ran back in to save Stella when he realized she was trapped in the bedroom. They nearly died but were rescued by Paul and Toni as the fire brigade arrived. Toni got Karl out after Stella but did not get out of the building before it collapsed on her and killed her. Meanwhile, Sunita made it to the top of the stairs and was in the back room before being overcome with smoke. She was in a coma for awhile but was starting to come out of it. Karl panicked, and pulled her breathing support. We didn't see it on screen but he admitted it later. Karl set up the evidence so that the police and fire think Sunita caused the fire to get back at Stella.

Months later, Karl realized that Craig Tinker saw him coming out of the pub after setting the fire. Craig was smoking in the ginnel and threw down the lit cigarette. He thought he had caused the fire and was upset for months. When Karl realized that Craig saw him, he tried to scare Craig into keeping quiet but this would prove to be his downfall.

Sunita Alahan - April 3

Sunita was in a coma after the fire. She began to come around and Karl panicked, realizing she could tell the police that he started the pub fire. He snuck into her hospital room when nobody was looking and killed her.


Hayley Cropper - January 20

Hayley was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in the summer of 2013. It was too far advanced for treatment to do any good. Hayley later realized that the pain medication, being very strong, could cause her to be confused and she didn't want to revert to thinking she was Harold and decided to end her own life before things got to that point. She passed her last Christmas with Roy and her loved ones and as she weakened, said her good byes. She took a cocktail of medications and passed away with Roy at her side.

Tina McIntyre - May 28

Tina started an affair with Peter Barlow around the same time he married Carla. As the affair went on, she fell deeper in love with him but Peter really didn't feel the same, though told her the things she wanted to hear. She began pressuring him and then thought she was pregnant on the same day that Carla found out she was pregnant. The shock of it sent Peter back drinking. Tina wasn't pregnant but pushed Peter to leave town with her. He told her he would and on the day they were to leave, or at least that's what she thought, the news about Carla's pregnancy came out in the pub. Tina realized Peter would never leave her and threatened to tell Carla everything. Peter told Carla about the affair himself. Meanwhile, Rob Donovan decided to give Tina a piece of his mind for what she'd done to his sister, Carla. Tina, angry and unrepentant, had no intentions of keeping quiet and she also threatened to tell the police that Rob and Tracy were dealing with stolen goods in their shop. Rob and Tina argued and she toppled off the balcony outside her flat which is above the builder's yard. She survived the fall, but when she tried to get up, still threatening to turn Rob in, he walloped her with a nearby wrench and killed her. He was eventually caught, as killers always are, and is now in prison.


Gavin Rodwell - March 13

Andy Carver pretended to be Gavin Rodwell, the long lost son of Michael Rodwell who was dating Gail. Michael had a genetic heart defect and wanted to find his son to make sure he got tested for the problem and he also wanted to reconnect with the lad. He had left his family when Gavin was small and never did keep in touch. Andy pretended to be Gavin, not for financial gain, but out of curiosity. He and Gavin had been long time friends, both of them declaring they had the more rubbish father so he was curious to see what Michael was like. He ended up tangled in his own web of lies, the closer he got to Michael and the Platts, the harder it was to come clean and the shock could be very damaging to Michael. The real Gavin showed up just as Michael and Gail were going to be married. He was furious to discover the identity theft but decided to blackmail Andy or he'd go to Michael and tell him the truth, the truth that would likely kill him. Andy and Gail both gave Gavin money, causing Gail to miss her wedding. Gavin, after a night of drinking, headed out in his car. He died in a car crash but it turned out he had had a massive heart attack, which caused him to lose control of the vehicle.

Deirdre Barlow - July 8, 2015

While away at her friend Bev Unwin's, Deirdre had a brain aneurism while sitting in the garden on her 60th birthday, prior to her returning home to Weatherfield. This storyline was created because Anne Kirkbride who played Deirdre died in January 2015 so her character had to be written off the show.

Callum Logan - September 21, 2015

Killed by Kylie Platt while he was trying to throttle Sarah Platt.

Tony Stewart - April 2016

Heart attack in his flat. Didn't find him for several days.

Kylie Platt - July 15, 2016

Killed by Clayton outside the kebab shop when Kylie tried to stop him from attacking Gemma Winter. She died in David's arms.

Michael Rodwell - November 18 , 2016

Fatal heart attack while trying to investigate Pat Phelan's dirty dealings on a building site. Phelan left him there to die and didn't call for help.

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