So far, there have been 59 marriages in Coronation Street as part of the storylines:


8 March
Joan Walker and Gordon Davies, St Thomas's C of E church
The first Coronation Street wedding saw Jack and Annie's daughter marry teetotal vegetarian teacher Gordon Davies and move away from Weatherfield. The wedding never appeared on screen but father Jack Walker was seen leading his daughter to the church. Meanwhile in the street Elsie Tanner and Ena Sharples were having one of their most legendary rows. This couple are the longest serving happiest married in the street's wedding history.

1 October
Concepta Riley and Harry Hewitt, St Theresa's RC church
The couple married after a proposal during a coach trip to the Blackpool Illuminations. Sean Riley gave his daughter away, Len Fairclough was best man and Lucille Hewitt was bridesmaid. The wedding was not seen on screen but we did see the reception at the Greenfield Hotel - and Elsie Tanner's first meeting with seaman Bill Gregory. The Hewittts honeymooned in the Isle of Man, staying at the Cresta Hotel, Port Erin.


20 June
Christine Hardman and Colin Appleby
Three weeks after being jilted by plumber Joe Makinson, Christine eloped to London with Colin Appleby and returned married

4 August
Valerie Tatlock and Ken Barlow, St Mary's parish church
Ken's friend Michael was best man, Albert Tatlock gave Valerie away. Ken and Val were seen coming out of the church and Ken had to sell his motorbike to pay for the wedding. The couple honeymooned in London


19 October
Myra Dickinson and Jerry Booth, St Paul's parish church
Myra's father George gave her away and Dennis Tanner was best man. The wedding was not seen but residents and viewers were invited to a slap up reception. Ena Sharples' home, The Vestry was vandalized during this reception by vengeful schoolboy Michael Butterworth


18 December
Irma Ogden and David Barlow, Register Office
The couple had a secret wedding, but the game was given away by a talkative cabbie, and the whole street turned up to suprise them at a reception at the Greenvale Hotel.


4 September
Elsie Tanner and Steve Tanner, St Stephen's Methodist church, Warrington
Elsie finally married her wartime sweetheart at a church near his air base with Dennis giving his mother away and Greg Flint as Best Man. They honeymooned in Lisbon. This was the first big Coronation Street wedding to be shown in full and Granada ensured plenty of publicity for the two-part special which was also repeated at 9:30pm. The TV Times even produced a 32-page colour Wedding Souvenir special costing one shilling.


29 May
Jenny Sutton and Dennis Tanner, Register Office
Dennis borrowed £100 from a moneylender at 48% interest to pay for the wedding. Jerry Booth was Best Man. The marriage got off to an inauspicious start as Dennis was ordered to Bristol on his wedding night by his employers, Crowning Glory Hair Requisites. Jenny was left alone in the honeymoon bed. Geoffrey Palmer played the registrar for this wedding, and this was the first Register Office ceremony seen on-screen.

15 July
Audrey Bright and Dickie Fleming, Register Office, Gretna Green
16 year-old schoolgirl Audrey eloped with trainee electrician Dickie to Gretna Green to get married.


22 July
Elsie Tanner and Alan Howard, Weatherfield Register Office
For Elsie's third marriage she chose a very quiet ceremony with informal celebratory drinks in the Rovers afterwards. Len Fairclough was best man and Bet Lynch was bridesmaid. They honeymooned in Paris.


3 April
Emily Nugent and Ernest Bishop, Mawdesley Street Congregational Church
Len Fairclough gave Emily away and Mavis Riley was bridesmaid at this Easter wedding. In a special two-part episode viewers saw Ernest having second thoughts and a nervous Emily waiting in the vestry


29 October
Janet Reid and Kenneth Barlow, Register Office, Keswick
Whilst taking his twins back to Glasgow, Ken married Janet in her home town of Keswick.


10 July
Maggie Clegg and Ron Cooke, St Mary's parish chuch
Gordon Clegg gave his 'mother' away. The entire street turned out to wish the couple well with their new life in Africa.


7 July
Deirdre Hunt and Ray Langton, Register Office
Len Fairclough was best man and Blanche Hunt gave her daughter away. The couple missed their train for the honeymoon and had to spend their wedding night in Blanche's corset shop flat.


20 April
Rita Littlewood and Len Fairclough, St Mary's parish church
Alf Roberts was best man and Rita was given away by her uncle Sam. Granada went all out on this two part special wedding with all the residents turning up. TV Times produced a special magazine for the occasion and artists posed months in advance for the pictures. When the episode was filmed Pat Phoenix found that she was unable to be present - feeling that her characters relationship with Len was too special. TV Times had to edit the picture to remove Pat from it. Pat did, however turn up to the reception at the Greenvale Hotel - where Elsie met manager Ted Brownlow, who became another of new lovers.


20 March
Renee Bradshaw and Alf Roberts, Register Office
Len Fairclough was best man and Bet Lynch was a witness.


28 November
Gail Potter and Brian Tilsley, St Boniface RC church
All the residents turned out for a day to remember with Gail wearing a traditional wedding outfit. It was the first sight viewers had of Vera Duckworth's husband, Jack. Fatherless Gail was given away by her ex-employer Mike Baldwin.


10 September
Emily Bishop and Arnold Swain, Register Office
The best man, George Turner, was played by Bill Waddington who went on to play Percy Sugden. The following year Emily was to discover that Arnold was a bigamist, and the marriage was annulled.


13 May
Eunice Nuttall and Fred Gee, Register Office
Bet, Betty and Annie helped the couple celebrate in the back room of the Rovers.

27 July
Deirdre Langton and Kenneth Barlow, All Saints C of E.
The parish vicar had refused to marry Ken because he had divorced his second wife but the vicar at All Saints agreed. Len Fairclough was best man and Alf gave Deirdre away. This wedding was watched by more ITV viewers than the wedding of Charles & Diana two days later. And a Coronation Street first - the vicar was played by a real vicar, Frank Topping.


20 January
Caroline Wilson and Gordon Clegg, Wimbledon Register Office.
Betty Turpin intended to travel to London to see her son marry. Instead they married in a hurry as Gordon was offered the chance to go to America on business and the couple honeymooned in the USA, paid by his company. Betty was notified by telegram and was left with the distinct impression that she wasn't wanted at the ceremony.


31 October
Marion Willis and Eddie Yeats, All Saints C of E.
Although the bride was pregnant at the time, this was lovely church wedding in church with lots of guests. Hilda was honoured to see her surrogate son Eddie happy. Jack Duckworth acted as a chauffeur in a hired limosine for the day, Elsie Tanner was matron of honour (!) and Eddie's old pal from Liverpool, Norris Stephens, was Best Man. The reception was held in the Select at the Rovers, and they honeymooned in Spain. The Yeats left to live in Bury later that year.


9 January
Elaine Prior and Bill Webster, Register Office
A quick trip to the register office and a party in the Rovers. They moved to Southampton soon afterwards.

23 December
Audrey Potter and Alf Roberts, Register Office
Mike Baldwin was best man. Audrey looked glam for the wedding with a white feather boater.


14 May
Susan Barlow and Mike Baldwin, St Mary's parish church.
Despite his opposition to the marriage, Ken surprised everyone at the last minute when he turned up at the church to give daughter Susan away.

8 October
Sally Seddon and Kevin Webster, Register Office
Terry Duckworth was best man. Emily and Hilda made the reception food at No13 and friends from school turned up although no family members were present; Kevin's family were in Southampton and Sally had fallen out with hers.


9 September
Bet Lynch and Alec Gilroy, St Mary's parish church
Charles Halliday was best man, Alf Roberts gave Bet away and Gloria Todd was bridesmaid. In true Bet fashion there was no expense spared when Bet wore a traditional white dress with trail.


24 February
Gail Tilsley and Brian Tilsley, Register Office
Brian and Gail had separated and were divorced in 1987. After kidnapping their son Nicky and finally accepting Sarah Louise as his own child, the Tilsleys finally decided to remarry a year later. This wedding caused problems for the costume department at Granada as the script stated that Ivy insisted on wearing the same blue hat she wore at the first. The problem was that the hat had gone missing. After searching high and low through Manchester shops a replacement hat was found.

13 June
Ivy Tilsley and Don Brennan, St Luke's RC church
Jack Duckworth was best man and Brian Tilsley gave his mother away. Jack thought he had forgotten the ring but the marriage went off fine.

9 November
Mavis Riley and Derek Wilton, Register Office
After neither turned up to the church at their first attempt at marriage, and a proposal through a letterbox, the Register Office ceremony went off without hitch with Mavis wearing a floral dress.


12 February
Steph Jones and Des Barnes, Register Office
The couple made their first appearance in the street in their wedding outfits, rowing as they moved in the newly-built No6. Despite many publications claiming the contrary, the couple married on 12 February 1990, NOT Valentine's Day.

8 August
Jessica Midgley and Peter Barlow, In church in Portsmouth.
Tracy and Ken travelled to Portsmouth for the wedding.


5 July
Jackie Ingram and Mike Baldwin, Register Office
The marriage only lasted a week - the shortest of them all. They divorced within the year.

27 September
Gail Tilsley and Martin Platt, Register Office
Gail wore an off the shoulder dress but Ivy was not happy about the wedding. Martin got drunk on his stag night and fell asleep on Des's sofa. Gail threatened to call the whole thing off but it was eventually smiles all round.


27 May
Lisa Horten and Terry Duckworth, St Mary's parish church
Curly Watts was best man and Lisa, five months pregnant with son Tommy, was given away by her father Geoff.Terry was released from prison in handcuffs for the wedding but when Vera talked the guard into unlocking them for the photos, predictably Terry did a runner.

5 June
Rita Fairclough and Ted Sullivan, Register Office
A tear jerking service as the bride and groom knew that Ted was dying. He died of a brain tumour three months later.

19 June
Alma Sedgewick and Mike Baldwin, Register Office
No expense was spared with Alma wearing a yellow two-piece and all the residents turning up for a lavish reception.


29 September
Olive Clarke and Edwin Turner, St Saviour's church
Percy and Emily went to the wedding although Percy was feeling rejected because Olive had turned down his proposal of marriage. Emily fell for the vicar Bernard Morton who later left the church.


26 Janaury
Maureen Naylor and Reg Holdsworth, St Christopher's church
The whole street turned up for the wedding with Maureen wearing a short white dress but during the wedding reception at the Belstaff Hotel Maud overheard son-in-laws Clive and Reg arguing over much of a burden she was. Maud quietly left in her wheelchair and the couple missed their honeymoon in Paris searching for her. A couple of days later they finally had a short honeymoon in the Lake District.

25 November
Deirdre Barlow and Samir Rachid, Register Office
Another short lived wedding that hardly anyone approved of but both were besotted with each other. Mike drove Deirdre to the Register Office in his Merc and Liz and Mike acted as witnesses. Tracy turned up to hear the vows and ran out afterwards. An unknowing Ken walked into the Rovers and headlong into the reception.


18 August
Victoria Arden and Steve McDonald, St Lucia
They planned a wedding at the Register Office but cancelled it when Vicky's grandfather Alec Gilroy promised a more lavish affair. When Alec offered to pay Steve off to not marry Vicky the couple eloped to a romantic service on the island of St Lucia.

20 October
Betty Turpin and Billy Williams, St Mary's parish church
Raquel Wolstenhulme was bridesmaid and Gordon Clegg gave his mother away. After walking away from the Rovers, Bet Gilroy failed to return for her best mates wedding so Raquel stood in. The whole street turned up although everyone's mind was on who would take over the closed pub. A last minute reception was held at the British Legion and Percy made the cake.

8 December
Raquel Wolstenhulme and Norman Watts, Register Office
One of the most tear jerking ceremonies in the Street's history. We could all see Raquel was not happy marrying Curly. The honeymoon made up for it even though the newly weds had to work as QE2 staff because of Alec Gilroy's underhanded deals. The blessing on the ship was witnessed by Carol, Raquel's new found friend. The wedding was a complete secret although Curly let former lover Maureen in on the good news.

29 December
Angela Hawthorne and Norris Cole, St. Agatha's Parish Church
Best man Derek discovered that Norris, who was marrying his ex-wife Angela, was the kidnapper of Arthur, the gnome and in revenge he took Norris to the wrong church. After Norris pleaded on bended knee a jubilant Derek took him to St Agatha's where Norris received a bit of an earbashing from wife Angela for being late.


13 November
Tracy Barlow and Robert Preston , Register Office
Robert's parents didn't approve of the wedding. Ken bought the outfit and Tracy splashed out so she could get married in Dr Martens boots. After a frenetic stag night, groom Robert was missing for most of the morning of the wedding which ran alongside Raquel and Curly ending their ten month marriage. Raquel walked off to a new job and life in Malaysia.


22 September
Maureen Holdsworth and Fred Elliott, Register Office
Fred proposed to Maureen several times and eventually she said yes. Maud was not happy about the idea but Fred was determined to make Maureen happy. He hired a barber shop quartet for the wedding, at which Liz and Deirdre were witnesses. Then there was a champagne reception at the Rovers before Fred's big surprise and the wedding reception in their new home, No4 which he had bought off Mavis Wilton. The wedding party danced across the street as Natalie Horrocks and Sally Webster fought on the cobbles.


30 January
Leanne Battersby and Nick Tilsley, Kircudbright Register Office
The couple travelled to Scotland for the day where they married with two passers-by as witnesses. No one in Weatherfield except Roy Cropper knew of their plans so the couple spent their wedding night apart at their repective parents after an afternoon in a hotel.

3 October
Kath and Colin Barnes, Hartlepool church
Des Barnes was Best Man at his brother's wedding in Hartlepool, and he took along new girlfriend Natalie Horrocks. Infused with the nuptual spirit, Des asked Natalie to marry him and she accepted.

23 October
Natalie Horrocks and Des Barnes, Register Office
Natalie's dress was ripped but Hayley Patterson came to the rescue with a needle and thread. The reception was held in a marquee erected by Charlie West and Best Man Les Battersby in the garden of No6. Hayley, aided by Alma Baldwin used material from Mike's factory to decorate the marquee,and she became the star of the day; everyone forgot that she had just been unmasked as a transsexual. A rather drunk Jim McDonald embarrasingly proposed to Liz again at the end of the reception.


23 April
Hayley Patterson and Roy Cropper, Roy's Rolls cafe, Victoria Street
Possibly The Street's most unusual wedding yet - not least because this wasn't legally a wedding under UK law. Transexual Hayley was to be given the church wedding of her dreams by Jessica Lundy, the temporary curate of St Paul's parish church. Her and Roy's hopes were cruely dashed by a vindictive Les Battersby, who tipped off the press and the wedding had to be called off literally at the last minute. Eventually the ceremony went ahead in the cafe, with Hayley being given away by her Great Uncle Bert, Toyah Battersby and Sarah Louise Platt as bridesmaids and Martin Platt as Best Man. To round it off, Hayley announced that she had legally changed her name to Hayley Cropper. After the reception, the happy couple left for a honeymoon in York. As the Croppers married, Nick and Leanne Tilsley's marriage collapsed as he emigrated alone to Canada.

24 September
Maxine Heavey and Ashley Peacock, St Mary's parish church
An eventful engagement saw Ashley find out that his real father was Fred Elliott and he first met his real mother Kathleen Gutteridge, though Beryl Peacock still took pride of place as the groom's mother. The wedding nearly didn't happen as bridesmaid Melanie Tindel threatened to reclaim the booking after she called off her wedding. Tragedy haunted the ceremony though for whilst Best Man Gary Mallett was giving his speech, his wife Judy lay dying in No9 from a blood clot, and above The Kabin Sharon Gaskell attempted suicide. Maxine helped Ashley overcome his fear of flying as they honeymooned in the Caribbean - but he came back by boat !

1 November
Sharon Gaskell and Ian Bentley, Weatherfield Register Office
A sad little hole-in-the-wall affair. After Ian's affair in previous March, Sharon's foster mother Rita Sullivan refused to have anything to do with the couple - who kept the wedding quiet from her. In the end there were no guests and only two friends as witnesses - Sally Webster and Danny Hargreaves. The couple didn't go on honeymoon until three weeks later


23 January
Alison Wakefield and Kevin Webster, Weatherfield Register Office
Alison and Kevin wanted a quiet wedding after he had finally persuaded pregnant Alison to come back from Morecambe with him on New Year's Eve, and despite Kevin sleeping with his ex-wife sally the previous evening. Alison's parents weren't invited because of the rift between them. At the last minute, Alison's co-workers turned up from Underworld to swell the numbers. Kevin's children from his first marriage - Rosie and Sophie were the bridesmaids, and the witnesses were workmates of the bride and groom - Jim McDonald and Linda Sykes. There was a small reception in the Rovers, and then the new Mr & Mrs Webster went on honeymoon in the Lake District.

10 September
Linda Sykes and Mike Baldwin, De Lisle House country hotel, Cheshire
THE wedding of the Millennium turned out to be far more dramatic behind the scenes than in front of it. Mike's son, Mark Redman - the best man - took the opportunity to reveal that he had been conducting an affair with the bride over the past few months. Roy Cropper had to stand in as best man whilst Mark got drunk upstairs. The "happy couple" embarked on their honeymoon in the Maldives wearing very false smiles but where reconciled the next month after Mike was amongst those held hostage at Freshco's.

30 November
Liz McDonald and Jim McDonald, Manchester Prison
The McDonalds were married for over 20 years before they divorced. Jim McDonald had a history of violent assaults on his wife; she in turn cared for him after he was paralysed in a building site accident, despite being divorced - and then promptly walked out on him, making a new life for herself with his physiotherapist in Milton Keynes. Not the most auspicious grounding for a relationship, but when Liz found that Jim was in prison facing an attempted murder charge, she came back to support him and they fell back in love. Days before his trial they remarried whilst Jim was still on remand in the former Strangeways Prison. Their son Steve was Best Man and the couple spent their wedding night apart, Jim back in his cell. The second marriage remains unconsumated...

24 December
Emma Taylor and Norman (Curly) Watts, All Saints Church
A whirlwind romance followed Curly Watts' rollercoaster ride of a Millennium. His wife, Raquel now living the height of luxury in a French chateau, asked for a divorce - but also revealed that Curly was a father to two-year old Alice. Shortly afterwards he met and fell in love with police officer Emma Taylor, and within the year they were married. Alice was bridesmaid and Ashley Peacock was Best Man. The reception was held in a hotel next to the church, and because of delayed flights to get Alice back to France the couple had to wait a couple of days before embarking on their New York honeymoon.


30 May
Karen Phillips and Steve McDonald, Weatherfield Register Office
Another of the increasingly bizzare Coronation Street weddings. This started off with a bet between two workmates about the best way to handle your boyfriend. Within a couple of weeks the stakes and the bets rose from a few pounds to get a night out to two days wages for most of the Underworld workforce for a honeymoon. Neither Karen nor Steve would back out - but believed the other would do. Both they and Best Man Vikram Desai seemed surprised when they both turned up - and even more when they both said yes ! The reception was held at the Rovers with cakes from the Corner Shop at the end of their sell-by date. Neither the bride's nor groom's family were there. It was only then they actually realised they DID love each other - but it still took them another six weeks to arrange the honeymoon in Florida.

5 September
Evelyn Sykes and Fred Elliott, The Dales Country Hotel, Pately Bridge
Marry in haste - repent at leisure...
During a very public row in the middle of Coronation Street, Fred proposed marriage to Eve - and after sleeping on it she accepted. She probably didn't expect to be married within three days - but that's how things work in Weatherfield. There was the obligatory "on-off" saga in the hotel as Fred's former fiancée Audrey Roberts turned up, but the ceremony finally went ahead, with Fred's son Ashley Peacock as Best Man and his wife Maxine standing in for Eve's daughter Linda Baldwin as Matron of Honour. Unbeknown to Eve, the last anyone saw of Linda was her being forced into her husband's car. The couple honeymooned in Venice followed by a Mediterranean cruise. Within eight months Eve admitted she had never divorced Ray, her first husband, and exposed as a bigamist, she walked out on Fred.


28 July
Gail Platt and Richard Hillman
One of the most stylish weddings seen on Coronation Street as Richard Hillman was determined to give his bride the best possible wedding. Behind the smiles, Richard was hiding was big secrets - his financial advisory business was on a knife-egde, and just eight weeks beforehand he had murdered his second wife Patricia.
Richard's pal Roger Hinde was his Best Man - for the third time! Gail's son Nick turned up expectedly from Canada, and Gail and Richard honeymooned in Florida - together with Richard's new step-children Sarah and David!

9 December
Sally and Kevin Webster

After Gail and Richard's wedding, Sally suggested to Kevin that he move back in with her and the girls. It would make so much financial sense and be good for the girls. Kevin eagerly moved in but was disappointed that he was made to sleep on the sofa other than one or two nights spent in Sally's bed. Soon, though, Sally took him back for good and they planned to remarry. During wedding preparations, Sally developed a crush on Alex the builder, who was redecorating number 13. She nearly left Kevin for Alex. Kevin found out just before the wedding and assured Sal that he would still marry her. Sally did the right thing for her family and said good bye to Alex and remarried Kevin.


24 March
Lucy and Peter Barlow

Peter met florist Lucy Carmichael when he was buying a bouquet for Shelley. He was immediately intrigued and soon began an affair. They broke off for awhile but when Tracy was hired by Lucy who had no idea of the connection between Tracy and Peter, and Tracy told Peter that her employer was pregnant, he realized the baby was his. He talked his way back into her heart and married her although he was living with and engaged to Shelley at the same time. As you might expect, it all ended in tears and Peter probably has broken the Corrie record for shortest marriage on the books. Lucy chucked him out days after the wedding when she realized Shelley was still in his life.

20 July
Shelly and Peter Barlow (invalid, still married to Lucy)

Shelley and Peter got married in a big, beautiful church wedding in July. Shelley found out that Peter had had an affair but since he insisted it was long over, she married him anyway, deciding to trust him. Of course it wasn't too long before Lucy and Shelley found out about each other and Shelley found out about Peter's baby with Lucy and by the end of the summer, Shelley had kicked Peter to the curb for good. Divorce imminent.

17 November
Roy Cropper and Tracy Barlow (in name only)

Tracy drugged Roy and let him believe they had sex. She became pregnant by Steve McDonald, with whom she had slept with before the Roy incident but she let Roy think it was his baby. Roy and Hayley pursuaded Tracy to "sell" them her baby for a large amount of money and Roy nominally married Tracy to make sure he had parental rights. The truth came out about the baby's real parentage early in 2004 and Roy instigated annullment proceedings.

29 December
Sunita Parekh and Ciaran McCarthy (called off at the altar)

Sunita loved her boss Dev Alahan for a long time but the feelings were not reciprocated. She dated and lived with Peter Barlow's navy mate Ciaran McCarthy but he was taken to prison for being absent from the navy without permission. He returned after a few months just as Dev was finally beginning to return Sunita's affections. Ciaran moved in on her and managed to win her back. At Peter's wedding to Shelly, Ciaran asked Sunita to marry him and they set a date for Dec. 29 and planned to marry at the registry office. Ciaran really didn't want to get married but couldn't find a way to tell Sunita. At his stag do, he thumped rival Dev hoping to be put in jail but Dev didn't press charges. Tracy told Sunita anyway, and told her that Dev didn't want to get married. Ciaran said he did but at the registry office Sunita knew down deep he didn't want to and called off the wedding.


18 February
Steve and Karen McDonald

Steve and Karen divorced in 2003 due to Steve's infidelity and his jealousy over Joe Carter's attentions to his wife. Karen left Steve and moved in with Joe but reconciled with Steve after the whole thing with Joe blew up horribly. She talked him into remarrying in a big fancy wedding in a church. It almost didn't happen though, because Tracy Barlow, herself in love with Steve who is the father of her child, tried to cancel all the wedding arrangements. When Steve managed to reschedule things, Tracy crashed the wedding to get her baby from Roy and Hayley and ended up spilling the beans about the baby's parentage to all and sundry. Karen was horrified that her wedding was ruined and heartbroken by Steve's lies but married him after his protestations that Tracy meant nothing to him.

24 October
Sunita Parekh and Dev Alahan

Sunita has loved Dev a long time. Dev thought of her only as a friend and employee. Eventually however Dev came to love Sunita. Ciaran McCarthy came between them and Dev became involved with crazy solicitor Maya Sharma. When Sunita discovered she had an aneurism and could have died, though surgery was successful, Dev realized he really did love her. He finished with Maya and proposed to Sunita, winning her over. They planned an elaborate Hindu wedding which ended in disaster after Sunita was arrested and accused of bigamy. (Maya had stolen her birth certificate and had married several immigrants using Sunita's name, setting her up for an immigration scam as well.

25 December
Claire Casey and Ashley Peacock

Claire was the nanny for baby Joshua after Maxine died. She and Ashley fell in love and finally got married on Christmas Day.



April 8
Deirdre and Ken Barlow

A long planned second wedding of what could be considered the Street's golden couple eventually occurred on 8th April. Deirdre's first husband, Ray Langton watched, and then died of terminal cancer in the reception at the Rovers.

Interesting fact: The Barlow - Rachid wedding for 13 million viewers.

31 October
Cilla Brown and Les Battersby

Possibly a match made in hell or the only two that could stand each other, Cilla and Les decided to get married to get lots of wedding presents. Chesney was chuffed to bits that he was now part of a real family. Les had a pre-wedding dust up with one of the band members of Status Quo and in the end, the Quo actually played at their reception!


October 31 - Jason Grimshaw and Sarah Platt

December 31 - Liz McDonald and Vernon Tomlin


February 11 - Maria Sutherland and Liam Connor

December 3 - Carla Connor and Tony Gordon


January 12 - Molly Compton and Tyrone Dobbs

August 14 - Becky Granger and Steve McDonald (after a first attempt on February 13 where the bride was too drunk to take her vows)


October 1 - Fiz Brown and John Stape (married in prison)


January 8 - Gail Platt and Joe McIntyre

August 30 - Hayley and Roy Cropper (first wedding in 1999 was a blessing ceremony. This was a full legal marraige)

December 9 - Leanne and Peter Barlow - due to marry on December 10, they married in hospital a few days early as they thought Peter was dying from injuries in the tram crash. He lived.


February 14 - Leanne and Peter Barlow have a wedding blessing in a church. It doesn't go well. Peter has found out about Leanne's affair with Nick Tilsley and castigates her in front of everyone. She makes plans to leave but at the last minute, she can't bring herself to get on the train. Lucky for her, Peter has been persuaded to give her another chance and has just arrived at the station to stop her leaving!.

April 8 - Graeme Proctor and Xin - Tina asked Graeme to marry Xin to help her stay in the country. She staged a breakup to make it believable but Graeme and Xin fell in love and left Weatherfield together in June
Kylie Turner and David Platt - David met Kylie when he was on holiday. She was apparently cage dancing in a club and David fell hard for her. He proposed and she moved in with him when she returned. The pair married in a double wedding ceremony with Graeme and Xin, much to Gail's chagrin.


January 23 - Steve McDonald and Tracy Barlow. It doesn't go well. Becky reveals at the reception that Tracy lied about Becky pushing her down the stairs and causing her to miscarry twins. She'd lost them two days previously! Steve immediately left Tracy but has not been able to get a divorce until a year has passed.

June 4 - Rita Sullivan and Dennis Tanner.


January 11 - Nick Tilsley and Leanne Battersby Barlow. They nearly got married on Christmas Day but Leanne thought to give Peter one last shot. Except she didn't know that Carla was back! Eva spilled the beans at the wedding and Nick refused to marry her. Leanne tried to woo him back, knowing she'd lost Peter and knowing Peter was no good for her anyway. Eventually she decided to leave town and Nick asked her not to go. They married in a registry office.

September 9 - Stella Price and Karl Munro. But yet another wedding gets interrupted at the altar. Karl was responsible for setting fire to the Rovers Return, causing the death of Fire fighter Toni. Sunita was also badly injured but when she began to come around in hospital Karl slipped in and out of her room. It's implied that he killed her. He covered his tracks but young Craig Tinker saw him the night of the fire coming out of the Rovers when he'd already said to the police that he never left the Bistro. Craig thought he caused the fire from a lit cig but Karl knew otherwise and pressured Craig into keeping quiet. The lad eventually confessed and adding to Dev and Jason's suspicions, Craig gave a statement to the police. Karl assaulted Dev in the pub when confronted and held Stella hostage but she talked him into giving himself up and he made a full confession.

December 5 - Peter Barlow and Carla Connor. Peter and Carla's love story began as an affair and was filled with great passion. In spite of that, on his wedding day, Peter snogged Tina McIntyre while Carla was passed out drunk in the honeymoon suite. Peter had been under pressure after going bankrupt, having financial issues and worrying about Simon who was reacting to his step-dad Nick's accident and recovery. He began a flirtation with Tina who developed a crush and then fell for him hard. The affair continued on and off until Tina was killed in mid-2014 leaving Peter, struggling with booze again and Carla whose pregnancy has become precarious.


October 29 - 31 - Tracy Barlow and Rob Donovan. Tracy fell for Rob and the two of them suited each other very well. He knew exactly what she was like, a liar, schemer, and utter bitch but he loved her anyway. Their happiness was not to be, however. Several months before, Rob killed young Tina McIntyre when she threated to tell Carla about her affair with Peter. They struggled, she fell and then he bashed her on the head when she came to. Peter was convicted for the murder but Carla uncovered the inconsistencies and Rob ended up confessing to her that he did the deed. Carla couldnt' keep it to herself and called the police on Rob and Tracy's wedding day, just minutes before the ceremony. Rob did a runner, leaving Tracy devastated.


April 24 - Gail McIntyre and Michael Rodwell

May 26 - Steve McDonald and Michelle Connor.

October 5 - Sally Webster and Tim Metcalfe.


May - Carla Connor and Nick Tilsley - Nick discovered at the reception, barely an hour after they married there, that Tracy Barlow had been blackmailing Carla into getting Nick to sell Robert Preston the Bistro and dumped her. Shortest wedding in Corrie history.


January 20 - Eileen Grimshaw and Pat Phelan

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